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Zero Scale Results Without The Weight Review

I was offered the opportunity to do a review on a new type of scale, called the “Zero Scale”.  This scale doesn’t show your weight! LOL  How about that!  I thought what a unique idea, so I accepted the offer and I’m glad I did!

So far this scale has told me I’ve lost 5lbs!  I’m happy with that because I gained 8 over Thanksgiving holidays, so I’ll be back down to where I was by Christmas! lol When my husband got on it told him he had lost 1 lb so he was happy, but then as the days went on and I kept loosing lbs, he was gaining them!  He now thinks that the scale is taking my lost weight and putting it on his weight 😆  I think he snacks too much!

I never really thought of how important a good reliable scale is until I start thinking that I needed to lose some weight. This scale is so nice. My other scale is glass and is only a few months old, but this scale was glass and silver and black and looked amazing in my bathroom.

Honestly I did read the instruction to learn how to use this scale.  I know that sounds crazy when you think of a scale but I’ve never heard of a zero scale and wanted to be sure I knew how it worked. I’m glad I did because this is a scale with FEATURES!

There are 5 people icons. The top 1 through 4 numbers on it are to program up to 4 people in your home to monitor their weight loss and weight goal. Remember this scale doesn’t show your weight, only what you lost or gained!  The last person (#5) icon has a star on it, this one is for people who just want to weigh themselves and see their weight and not set goals.

I have to say this scale was dead on accurate with my husbands and my current weight! We love that it tracks our progress for us as individuals.  I am totally loving this scale. I still use our other scale, but that’s just to compare and make sure of the accuracy.  That’s how I know it’s hitting the nail on the head! lol

So if you are dieting, trying to gain weight or just need a fantastic scale you have to check out The Zero Scale. You will love it and so will everyone else that uses it. It would make a great Christmas gift for someone trying to loose weight or for the person who has everything.

Disclosure: I received a Zero Scale free of charge from Family Review Network and Zero Scale to facilitate this review. My opinions were not influenced by the free product.  My opinion is 100% honest and totally my own!


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    1. LOL yea that's what I thought! I actually love this scale. I get on and see that lost pound and it's worth it! 🙂

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