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Zevia Soda ~ The All Natural Gluten, MSG, GMO FREE Soda with Zero Calories

We recently had the opportunity to try six (6) different flavors of Zevia Soda. We received Grapefruit Citrus, Cream Soda, Grape, Ginger Ale, Cherry Cola and Ginger Root Beer.  I personally was happy to see the Grapefruit Citrus flavor included.  I like Citrus drinks.

About Zevia Diet Soda

Zevia is the first all natural zero calorie soda with no artificial sweeteners.  It is the natural soda you and your family crave. The smarter version of diet soda, Zevia is the leading natural alternative that tastes great.

All Zevia Soda ingredients are GMO free, and are made with all natural ingredients including Stevia, an herb native to South and Central America used for centuries to sweeten food. Stevia is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar and has no effect on blood sugar levels. (Perfect!)  Zevia is Gluten FREE and Monosodium glutamate (MSG) FREE.

Zevia Soda

Zevia offers 15 different flavors: Grapefruit Citrus, Cream Soda, Grape, Ginger Ale, Cherry Cola, Lime Cola, Cola, Orange, Lemon/Lime Twist, Ginger Root Beer, Black Cherry, Dr. Zevia, Caffeine Free Cola, Strawberry and Mountain Zevia.

We all need a little caffeine, and you can find it in the following sodas.
Cola – 45 mg / 12 oz can | Dr. Zevia – 42 mg / 12 oz can | Mountain Zevia – 55 mg / 12 oz can | Cherry Cola – 38 mg / 12 oz can | Lime Cola – 38 mg / 12 oz can.

All Zevia products are best within one year of manufacturing. You can read the code on the bottom of your can to determine your soda’s birth date.

The first Zevia Soda I tried was the Grapefruit Citrus and it was AWESOME!  I couldn’t believe I was drinking a soda with grapefruit and enjoying it. LOL  It was perfect, just enough citrus flavor and not sweet!

Then my husband tried the Cream Soda and I tried the Ginger Root Beer.  Diet Barq’s Root Beer is my favorite diet drink when I buy diet soda, and I really wanted to see if this one compared to it, and it was BETTER than I expected!  We eventually tried all the soda’s and the only one I didn’t care too much for is the Cherry Cola.  I guess I’m just a CoCa-Cola girl.  I don’t like Diet CoCa-Cola either.

Zevia Soda is available at leading retailers throughout the US and Canada. Stores include Whole Foods, Kroger, and Super Target. Along with several natural food stores and health food stores. Plus other great grocers and select Safeway and Walgreens locations. And if you don’t want to get up from your chair, you can always order online through Amazon.  Find a retailer in your area here!  There is currently a $2 off Zevia Soda coupon on Zevia.com.

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