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I received a set of Yoga Paws for free in exchange for my honest review. What are Yoga Paws? They are fitted gloves for the palms of your hand, and the balls of your feet. A revolutionary mini mat design that provides solid support, extra padding, and peace of mind. Fits perfectly in your purse, pocket, or travel bag. Going somewhere? No need to lug that mat around with you anymore cause these things are ideal for TRAVEL!

Yoga Paws

Yoga Paws was started and created by mother and daughter, Gail and Jamie Getzwiller because of their love of Yoga and wanting to be able to access yoga anytime and anyplace. With Yoga-Paws you can do just that.

I ordered my Yoga Paws using the size chart supplied on-line, and they fit very snug!  I’m wondering if I needed a size up.  I’m not sure, as I’ve never used anything like this before. lol  I managed to get them on, so that’s what counts! 

Yoga Paws

The quality of the yoga paws is nice.  I am a person who dislikes snug things and too much elastic isn’t my thing!  These Yoga Paws do not bother me at all, so that’s a great quality to me.  The Hand Paws are almost like a hand ace bandage shape, with velcro closing and the foot paw has an elastic back across your heel to hold it in place.  They seem to be a well made product.

What are Yoga Paws?
Yoga Paws are made from a polyester and nylon blend for the glove and foot sock. Plus a yoga-mat material for cushioning and slip resistance. These paws do hold their promise in portability. Fitting in a mesh bag about the size of a mouse pad, they fit nicely and flatly in almost any travel bag or purse.

The perforations in the yoga mat material located on the palms and soles of the paws allow minimal air flow to your hands and feet, providing air flow that minimizes the sweat-factor.

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  1. I use Yoga Paws almost daily! I love the ability to grip whatever surface I am on. I have used them by the pool, tile, brick, carpet, and wood floors. I join in on a yoga class at my kids school once a week, and we did yoga on the grass, the Paws work! These are the most convenient yoga too AROUND!

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