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The Most Beautiful Australian Jeweled Jelly Sandals

Hey peeps!  Do y’all like jelly shoes? I have to tell you I never liked them.  Seems like I did as a kid, but as an adult, they only make my feet sweat.  LOL  I found some of the most beautiful Australian Women’s Jeweled Jelly Sandals that I just had to get.

These sandals have become a new favorite shoe. They are Durable, and so elegant. You will definately feel like a princess!

About the Jeweled Jelly Sandals

The jelly sandals feature 38 shimmering round satellite jewels. The pure vegan PVC jelly crystal heel sandals offer both an out-sole and insole grip to ensure superior, soft, non-slip comfort! The jelly heel is flattering for both narrow and wide feet alike. The Jeweled Jelly Sandals are environmentally and vegan friendly. Nickel free, devoid of animal products and recyclable.

Women's Jeweled Jelly Sandals

These Jelly Sandals were received and the day after I wore them and my feet hurt. You know, new shoes and all. Saturday, I wore them for approximately 6 1/2 to 7 hours and my feet were fine!

I absolutely LOVE how elegant they look! The jewels are elegant and the overall show of the shoe is superb. You have a choice of 5 colors (Clear, Black, Graphite, Blue or White), I selected the Clear color because I know that I can wear them with everything I wear. I would have selected black, but I live in Louisiana and I felt that black sandals would only attract the sun and burn my feet! LOL I can’t tell you how the sandals are to wear to the pool or around water because I haven’t done that.

Women's Jeweled Jelly Sandals

I normally wear a size Large in flip flops which is usually a size 7-8. My husband suggested I select a size 10 because of the size chart. Took a measuring tape and my size 8 are 10 inches which is a size 9, my husband told me to go with the size 10 which is 10 1/4 inches so my heal wouldn’t be at the end and uncomfortable. He was right!

Women's Jeweled Jelly Sandals

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I received a sample of these Jeweled Jelly Sandals  at a discount. This may include free, in exchange for an honest review. Review is based on my and/or my family’s personal experience with the item. I am not obligated to give a positive review. I am not financially compensated for the review. Thank you for taking the time to read my review! This disclosure is in accordance with Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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12 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Australian Jeweled Jelly Sandals

  1. Love these sandals! They look so classy but seem to be very comfortable 🙂

  2. These are so cute. I can picture the perfect outfit with them. Add a floppy hat and long summer dress with these and I would look amazing.

  3. These look so stylish and can be worn out to eat at a fancy restaurant. They look comfortable too. With these being jelly I am sure they are soft on the bottom of your feet. I live in Florida and I live in Flip Flops/sandals and I think I might just have to get a pair.

    Great post and Great Review!

  4. I love these sandals. This is something I would wear everyday during the nice weather as I do not like wearing shoes because my feet get too hot.

  5. When I first saw the word jelly I cringed. I am finding out that they are not like the ones from eons ago. These Australian sandals are awesome! They are so elegant and I am glad to hear that they don’t hurt your feet. Great review!

  6. You had me at non-slip. I have a hard time staying on my shoes if that makes sense. I like the color choices and love that they are non animal products. Thanks for sharing!

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