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Better for You Alcohol Drink Wine Water

Wine Water

Wine Water, one of the pioneers of the “better for you” alcohol drink category

Wine Water is a refreshing, first-of-its-kind combination of dry, French wine blended with pure, sparkling water. Clean, simple, and purposefully developed for the active wine drinker, all  varietals feature light alcohol, low calories, only two ingredients, and absolutely nothing artificial. Available nationwide in over 3,200 retailers, Wine Water is sold in six-packs and individual cans at select major and independent retailers.

Wine Water

Sauvignon Blanc (4.9% ABV) is a refreshing combination of sparkling water blended with 100% Sauvignon Blanc wine produced in the heart of Bordeaux, France. The wine has been purposefully developed to combine with pure water, creating a truly unique beverage for the active wine enthusiast – featuring simple ingredients, light alcohol, low calories, and absolutely nothing artificial.

The newest varietal comes after the ever-popular flagship product, Rosé Water, which launched in early 2020 and is also available nationwide.

Wine Water

“Right now, we’re experiencing an immense amount of growth, and we couldn’t be happier about it,” said Rob Kuchar, founder of Wine Water. “According to Nielsen Data, the Wine Water category is seeing 255% growth year-over-year which is astounding. And though the numbers are excellent, it just confirms what our team has known all along. While the seltzer market has boomed and is now starting to flatten, underserved wine drinkers have been demanding a more preference-specific, ready-to-drink (RTD) alternative – void of the added flavors that have come to define malt and spirit-based seltzers. That’s where we step in.”

To further capitalize on the success of this new category, two more Wine Water varietals – Wine Water Cabernet and Wine Water Chardonnay – are slated to be introduced in 2022.

Additionally, a new brand, Sandbar, will also be introduced in 2022 with two varietals including Tropical Punch Blend and Fruit Punch Blend. Sandbar, as with all products in the Wine Water category, will feature only two ingredients, with no added flavors. It will derive its tropical punch and fruit punch flavor profiles from proprietary blends of fruit that have been co-fermented with grapes during the winemaking process.

This is a very different wine.  My husband liked it.  His favorite was the Rosé.

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