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Why can’t we all Be KIND to each other?

I love fun t-shirts, I also love t-shirts that send messages and in today’s world, a Be Kind t-shirt is perfect! While selecting my t-shirt, I thought about which shirt fit me personally, what message did I want to send. I chose the Be Kind t-shirt and received it free of charge from Cents of Style to facilitate this Fashion Friday Story post.


As a child in elementary school I was teased about my appearance and it left me with very LOW self esteem. I didn’t think I was pretty and I surely didn’t think I’d ever meet someone who would love me despite of my looks. Kids are terrible when they tease other kids, there was nothing wrong with my looks, but as a kid, I thought there was.  This carried over to High School. I started to feel depressed and I was miserable! Being teased most of my life messed with me mentally and it took me a very long time to get over it. GOD sent me an angel when he sent me my daughter, and then he sweetened the pot when he sent me my husband.

When I met my husband (January 21st 1983) on a blind date, I wasn’t too sure why he wanted to meet me or for that matter wanted to see me again! That’s where the low self esteem shows up. It took me a very long time to believe he thought I was beautiful!  It took me even longer to convince myself that I was even pretty, however today I can honestly say I am beautiful and believe it!

Not everyone lives a rainbow & sunshine life…That’s why we should all “Be Kind” to one another!

It feels to me like our world is full of hatred!  If it’s not terrorist trying to destroy the US and our allies, it’s gangs, drug dealers and anyone who decides they want to go on a killing spree for absolutely NO reason!  I don’t like it!  I’m terrified of the world my granddaughter and all the other children are growing up in and will inherit as adults. What happened to the world where we were all safe and tried to “be kind” to each other?  Did that world even exist? Situations like this leave the victims with mental issues that are so very hard to get through.

In the world today, people are struggling!

A kind word or an open ear (for venting) to people who are suffering with health issues, struggling with low income and/or personal problems would mean the world to them.  Not everyone, but a big part of these people probably feel like they have let their family down and it’s not their fault!

Spread the love to your friends and family

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