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White Wall Photo Gifts for Mom and Dad

A timeless gift of a beautiful photograph from a special memory would be the perfect gift for the perfect mom or dad (and grandma or grampa)!  White Wall photo gifts is just that! Their Photo lab makes custom prints that are beautifully finished using a variety of substrates such as acrylic glass, metal, solid wood, or placed under hand-crafted custom wood or metal frames. I received a gift code to order mine in exchange for inclusion to my Mother’s day gift guide, however I’m also including it in my Father’s day gift guide because I know a father or grampa would love this too!

White Wall Photo Gifts

The best part is WhiteWall’s renowned craftsmanship can be enjoyed for as little as $12.00. Their newest product, Acrylic Minis, are available in 5 x 5-inch ($19.95) and 5 x 7-inch ($22.95) sizes, and include display options such as a wall hanging bracket, built-in magnet for metal surfaces, and an acrylic stand for desktop display.

How to create your beautiful work of art:
Go to whitewall.com/ and create a free account. Select a photo and upload the photo you want to reproduce. Follow the step-by-step instructions for creating your print, sizing, color adjustments and framing options (this is all on the left sidebar). After you complete your order and add it to your CART and head to check out.

All orders are custom printed in WhiteWall’s lab in Germany and shipped anywhere in the world in less than 10 days and shipping costs are minimal. They also ship in special gift packaging.

WhiteWall’s Direct Photo Under Acrylic Glass is their signature product, so I decided to order an ultraHD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass for my husband for father’s day (that’s grampa chasing our granddaughter)

White Wall Photo Gifts

With the ultraHD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass, WhiteWall enables you to emphasize even the smallest details in your photo. Providing the source’s image quality is high enough to begin with, the ultraHD Photo Print remains precisely detailed – even in large formats and when viewed up close. The special development process results in completely realistic images that rival natural sight and the retina’s ability to bundle visual information into a single experience. WhiteWall achieves this level of realism through a combination of state-of-the-art technology and excellent image optimization software that analyzes images and refines image files specifically for this process. In an ultraHD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass, the contours and details are more powerfully expressed.

I also ordered the Direct Printing on Aluminium Backing. My granddaughter has been posing for pictures on her own and I just love this picture! She’s at her swimming lesson and mommy said I need a picture and she posed!

White Wall Photo Gifts

Your Direct Print On Aluminum Dibond Is Precision Made To Your Exact Specifications. It’s absolutely unique because they create it in the exact dimensions you choose. Just select a standard format from mini to extra-large with optional cut or rounded corners. Choose a special format like a panorama or circular print, or set your own custom aspect ratio. Minimum size: 3.5″x3.5″ (9 x 9 cm) Maximum size: 75″x57″ (190 x 145 cm)

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