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When Is It Time To Start Potty Training?

My granddaughter is 2 and a half and potty training just isn’t going well!  Her parents decided to start potty training her just before she turned 2 last year. She knows the words Pee Pee and Poo Poo.  She knows the word Potty, she even knows when she has to go potty, she’ll say it at times!  Now she is refusing to sit or even go near the potty, so my question is “when it is time to potty train?

My granddaughter is one smart cookie.  You can hold a small conversation with her, she knows what words to say at the correct time.  She’ll tell you exactly what she wants to eat or drink, etc.  Her mother, other grandmother and I are wondering what the hold up is for her to start potty training.  When my daughter was 17 months old, she was out of diapers (potty trained), off the bottle and no naps.

Start Potty Training

I have told my daughter everything I know about Potty training and I’ve asked my DR for advice, nothing works! 🙁

I received an email from HiFiveBaby about collaborating with me on How to Potty Train: FAQ and Common Problems.

Start Potty Training

Did not help:

  • Gave her a potty book or a different book to read or a toy and it did nothing to keep her on the potty.
  • Going commando did nothing to help. She just peed when she had to!
  • Treats/Rewards, nope could care less!


  • “You’re a big girl now and need to learn how to go on the potty”
  • “If you go learn to potty we will get you big girl panties”
  • “You aren’t a baby anymore, you need to go on the potty”

I did tell my daughter to start changing her pull up while she is standing up instead of laying down, so my granddaughter may be able to determine if she is getting a diaper change.  She says pull up change, but she’s changed like she has a diaper on.  Maybe that will help?

I found this on wonderbaby.org and answered them in blue

When will I know my child is ready to potty train?
Your child will show you tell-tale signs that they are ready. Here are some things to look for:

  • Tells you when their diaper is dirty.  She’ll say wet, but not all the time
  • Your child will tell you right before or while they are going that they are going. She says Potty
  • Their diaper stays dry for about two hours at a time during the day. Sometimes
  • Bowel movements come at regular times. Don’t know this
  • Typically stay dry through the night. Don’t know
  • Shows an interest in the toilet and an interest in underpants.  Interest in Potty, getting underpants for birthday
  • Take off wet diapers themselves because they’re uncomfortable. She does this!
  • Makes a face before peeing or pooping.  YES
  • You may also notice that your child is more independent, wants to do things for themselves or do them their own way, and probably enjoys some alone time.  YES

My daughter has read up on potty training, she has a DVD about potty training.  Is there any advice that may help us get the ball rolling on getting her to start potty training?

Thanks for any other advice.

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2 thoughts on “When Is It Time To Start Potty Training?

  1. My suggestions: Wait until the child shows lots of readiness to potty train. Have a comfortable little potty near her at all times, 1 on each floor of a house, if needed, Give her plenty of liquids to drink. Go sit on the potty at scheduled times : every 30 minutes, 45 minutes, etc. Have her sit on the potty, looking at books, playing with some small toys while she waits to “go”. Sit with her, read books, etc. Take her to the store to pick out big girl panties that she loves. During the day, have her in real panties, perhaps with plastic pants over them. Pullups seem just like diapers to many children and they often use them like diapers. It takes effort from parents and grandparents, but consistency will pay off. We potty trained our granddaughter and used these tips. She just turned 3 and is fully potty trained except for overnights. Good luck!

  2. My wife and I potty trained our kids very early on.. It was never easy, but all of them turned out great..

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