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What You Need To Know Before Dating An Independent Woman

A lot of people have such disdain over modern dating. Younger generations are using apps to meet people. They’re more inclined to hookups than getting to know someone on a deeper level. There are too much social media and too little “authenticity.”

What they overlook, though, is that modern times have allowed women to be themselves and not just become of service to men. 46.9% of the workforce is comprised of women, as of 2018.

In case your Miami matchmaker pairs you with an incredibly strong, independent woman, here’s what you should be ready for:

Strong independent women will be working a lot.

They’re probably girl bosses, running their empire. They’re busy most of the time with their schedules packed with meetings after meetings.

Don’t expect to be given attention 24/7 because this woman understands that two people in a relationship have lives of their own. Because she’s probably gotten good at time management, it’s a guarantee that there’s a time of the day for you.

Strong independent women don’t prioritize finding romance.

Accomplished women often find like-minded men, and the numbers are showing a “dating gap.” Among 22-29 year-olds, 5.5 million women are college-educated, while only 4.1 million men have the same accomplishment. Assuming that all these women want men that are on their level, 1.4 million women are bound to be single.

However, if you look at it this way, the disadvantage is both classist and elitist, considering not everyone has access to tertiary education.

Nevertheless, independent women have so much on their plate, and romantic love isn’t all there is in this life. They have hobbies, work, family, and friends to fill their spare time.

Strong independent women should not be held back.

Women are already being held back by the patriarchal society we live in. There’s sexual harassment in the workplace and essentially everywhere. There’s also the wage gap from different industries and the expectations that they should be doing housework.

The last thing a woman wants in a relationship is to be held back by their partner as well. She’s worked hard-even before you came into her life-to build her career and achieve greatness in her field. Let her challenge the norms and become the CEO that she is set to be.

Strong independent women don’t care if you feel emasculated.

According to a study, men loved the idea of a smart and independent woman, but the attraction diminishes when coming in contact with them. Decades were spent conditioning men to become providers of the household, so when faced with a woman who does this and more, men tend to feel emasculated.

Be that as it may, stong independent women will not compromise for such a patriarchal problem. Instead of coddling men, they might even encourage them to get out of the pity party and start working to abolish this kind of thinking.

Strong independent women know what they want.

It boils down to the woman’s decision. If she wants to give up a part of her life for you, it’s her choice, given that she has developed the right social skills and economic standing to be granted the privilege of choice as a woman. But know that this woman is smart enough to recognize internalized misogyny, and succumbing to patriarchal standards may not be what she wants.

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