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What To Do If You Are Evicted From Your Home

Raise your hand if you think 2020 needs to start over? I couldn’t agree more, especially with so much that has been thrown our way since the end of March. People have lost their jobs, trying to navigate working and schooling their children from home as well as being evicted from where they live.

Have you ever been evicted from your apartment or home before? Did you know that up to 40 million Americans have lost their home which is four times the amount than during the Great Recession? Even as unemployment levels remain high and cases of the virus show no signs of slowing down, statewide eviction in more than 30 states have now lifted and protect renters with a few helpful tips. Below are a few ideas to help if you receive one of these eviction notices from your landlord.

        1. Do Not Leave Right Away – It can be completely understandable to want to leave your home right away if you get a piece of paper saying that you need to leave your home. The most important thing to do is not too, however. Often, tenants do not realize that they have rights and can actually fight this in a court. You can look at your personal state’s eviction process and you are able to fight for your home.
        2. Know Your Rights -While housing laws vary between state and city, it is illegal for your landlord to kick you out of your home for nonpayment of rent without going through a formal eviction proceeding. They need to give you notice that you are being evicted (how much time varies depending on where you live) and you also must be given a chance to appear in court. Once the case has started, you are given a court date. Keep note of this when you receive it and if you pay rent at all between the notice and your hearing, you will want to inform the judge of this. If you live in a city, you have the right to free legal counsel for housing cases. If you do not, I would suggest searching your city and look up a ‘right to counsel’ to see if you qualify.
        3. Prepare For Court – Ahead of your court date, make sure you understand how your city or state is currently hearing these cases. Many of them are now having them over a type of video conference software such as Zoom or Google Meeting. Some are using different venues for housing court to allow people to social distance. While you are in court, this is your opportunity to argue your case. Explain if you haven’t paid or if you have paid a portion of your rent as well as making future payments. Also, be sure to bring a lease agreement stating anything you might have missed or the landlord has missed that might help your case.

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        4. Find A New Place To Live: If you do need to find a new place to live, look for places that give you an option for rental as well as furnished. This might be a great option and one that brings you less stress to deal with. Do you live in the Atlanta area? A business called Furnished Apartments Atlanta is there to help you with all your moving needs when it comes to renting. They offer short term rentals in Atlanta that are affordable, move-in ready, and can get you a great deal quickly. They also have short term rentals for those that need a quick place. Each apartment can come fully furnished with a washer dryer in the unit as well as cable, wifi, and more. There is also a fitness center, a clubhouse, and a pool all while in a great central location in the city.

        Nobody wants to be put in this position, especially with so many big and uncertain things happening in today’s world. However, if you are given this slip of paper, there are several things you can do to fight it. If you do lose your home or rental, there are options for you to find something quick, affordable, and perhaps better for you and your family in the long run. Looking at rentals that offer fully furnished options can help ease your stress, anxiety, and overall concern about keeping your family safe and together during a global pandemic. What are some ways you can think of that can help families during this time? Have you been evicted from your apartment or home before and what steps did you take?

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