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Together We Are Family #BehindTheBlogger

We Are Family

Have you ever thought about what makes a family? I’m not talking about yes I have a family, I am talking about truly feeling like you belong in that family. Blood related, friends, step siblings, it doesn’t matter, there is something that will always give that feeling of we are family.

We Are Family

I talk about my family a lot on here. Everyone knows, I have a husband, daughter, son in law and granddaughter. For anyone who doesn’t know, I also have an older brother who lives in Texas and an older sister who lives about 5 minutes away from me. Oh and my sister and brother are both married. On my brother’s side, I have a niece and 2 nephews, and 2 great-nieces and a great nephew who recently got married and so I have a great niece in law! My mother lives with my brother. My sister has no kids. I also have in-laws who are our extended family. Then there are long lasting friendships who feel like family. I think of my daughter’s friend like a second daughter. She makes me worry about her like my daughter, so there you go! All of us together = family! LOL

When my daughter and son in law announced they were pregnant, ALL of us were excited! We got together and planned a baby shower for them and then something happened, the other grandmother (Maw Maw) got sick and ended up in the hospital. We had to postpone the baby shower, but the funny thing is that just about everyone kept that weekend open (no plans) and Maw Maw was released from the hospital that Friday and she felt well enough to enjoy the baby shower which ended up being on the day after the original date and a SURPRISE to my daughter! She had no clue and was super excited when she got to the party.
We are Family

At the hospital on the day she was to have a c-section, everyone was in the room waiting. I don’t think I have ever seen so many people in one hospital room before. The only ones who were missing were my mother, brother and his family and my sisters spouse. In laws, friends and my husband and I were there. That must have been around 10 – 12 people. No one thought about doing a group photo, so I just have a pic of the immediate family members.
We Are Family
We Are Family

Since July 16th, 2014 it’s been fun times with “sharing” the baby with everyone. LOL We all want to be with her, she’s such a precious little angel and her Grama’s little ladybug. (Ladybug brings luck and abundance wherever she goes. Ladybug brings an instant sense of pure delight.)

It takes fun and foolish things to make a real family, no matter if you are blood related or just friends who feel like family. These foolish things with sharing my granddaughter or having a surprise party have absolutely NOTHING to do with being family, however it brought us all together and we all feel like we are family!

Tell us have you had anything in your life happen to realize you and your friends are like family?

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  1. your family is so lovely.
    I really love kids, My sister is pregnant.
    I hope to see my little niece now.

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