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3 Promising Ways You Can Earn Money Online Now

When Covid hit, everyone on lockdown was stressed about money and paying bills.  I’ve learned that there are easy ways to earn FREE money online.

I have listed 3 easy ways for you to get that free money below.  I have done these and I have shared screenshots of my earnings.  I highly recommend these money apps.

Please READ the site you are interested in before you submit any info

At times you will need to include your last 4 numbers of your SS# as the ones who ask for it are similar to banks.  They are insured though.  This 1st one, Go Henry, I heard about it on TV and I wanted to do it for my granddaughter who is learning about money at the age of 6! She will be 7 next month.


If you have kids 6-18, I recommend GoHenry to help them learn about money. Right now, you can get $25 free allowance + 1 month free.  No pre-paid cards, only bank cards. I used my American Express Blue Bird Card and it worked.

Money Online


You get an instant $5 for signing up and $5 for each referral!  No bank account is needed.

Step is like cashapp, paypal, etc.  You can use it to send and receive free money online!! Get $5 instantly when you use my link below!! No card or bank account is needed. Just sign up and you get $5 and I get $5 also!!!! This is super easy!! EASY MONEY. Just Click This Link????https://step.com/r/IPJGZ

Money Online


Managing your money would be so much easier if you had Revolut.  Deposit $20 and Get $30!
Sign up with my link https://revolut.com/referral/sandradjjo

This is how it works, you deposit $20 in your account, do 3 separate $1 deposits to Amazon Gift Card and you will in turn get your $30, making a total of $47 left.
Money Online

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