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UPrinting Business Cards Review

When you have a business or if you are self employed, you must have business cards to hand out!  The last business cards I purchased have nothing compared to Uprinting business cards! These are not your ordinary business cards.  They are much different and hipper than say 3 years ago!

If you have a business, online website, blog, Ebay or Etsy shop or a home business, you know how essential it is to have nice business cards. I love when I receive a package and included is a beautiful, well made business card tucked away in an envelope from the business owner.  It makes me want to buy from them again.

If you do not have a business to use these cards for, you can get Mommy Cards!  These are great to hand out to teachers, fellow moms, members in your play group, and more!  The options are endless!  It’s so much easier than having to find a pen/paper to write out your name, number, and email address each time someone asks you for it.

I love the business cards my friend received from Uprinting,  which is the reason I jumped at the chance to host a giveaway for UPrinting business cards! Imagine an online print shop that offers inexpensive print business cards with standard corners and die cut round corners.

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