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Turn your Christmas Tree on with a Treemote! #Christmas2017 #AD


Are you tired of crawling under your Christmas tree or stretching behind a table to turn your Christmas tree on and off? There’s got to be a better way right? Well, here’s a fantastic idea that changes that. It’s called a TREEMOTE.  When I was approached to receive one and include it in my Holiday Gift Guide, I jumped at it because well, I’m tired of plugging and unplugging our tree and knocking ornaments off the tree.


TREEMOTE is a wireless remote switch that’s similar to your TV remote control. It made its debut just in time for the 2014 Christmas season. Since then, TREEMOTE’s reach and popularity have expanded across Canada and this year into the United States.

The idea of the Treemote seemed quite simple. You just plug the receiver into the wall outlet then attach your lights as usual. Then you use the remote to control the lights from up to 80 feet away.  What a simple idea!

Friday night we plugged our Christmas lights into it, and last night (12/16) we gave the remote to our granddaughter and asked her to turn the lights on and she was amazed that she did it.  Then she turned them off and on and off and on LOL She’s 3, so she was loving the idea that she had control over the Christmas tree lights.   Not only can you use the remote for tree lights, you can also use it for lamps, appliances and anything else you want to turn on easily. The remote is super simple with having an on and off switch.


This TreeMote is pretty awesome! My husband said it’s one of the best things I’ve gotten for us and he absolutely loves how much easier it is! After Christmas, I’m going to plug my stereo in it or maybe a lamp, I want to be able to just click the remote to turn it on. I think we may be buying at least one or two, so I can keep one in with our holiday decorations and lights and use the other throughout the year! I’d love to hook our outside lights to it next year so we can just click a button to turn them off and on instead of unplugging them.

TreeMote retails for just under $20 and it is well worth it! This would make a great gift for anyone! Stocking Stuffer maybe.  It’s definately a good gift for a grandparent who may need help with a bedroom light.  How easy it would be for them to just get in bed and click a button to turn off the lights.  This is definately something that will change some everyday life challenges.

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