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Watch your Home while you’re Away with a Toucan Outdoor Security Camera

light socked powered wifi security camera

Are you having problems with stolen packages? Vandalized yards? Want to know who did it? You need a Toucan Outdoor Security Camera!

Recently I have had packages stolen right off my front porch! Tis the season I guess! My husband had had enough! He told me to find a security camera and well thanks to Hammacher.com, I was able to get the Light Socket Powered WiFi Toucan Outdoor Security Camera to review and it’s awesome!

light socked powered wifi Toucan Outdoor Security Camera

I love that I can now see when a delivery person delivers! I also love that I can use live feed to see what’s going on outside and use the microphone to talk to whoever is at the door! There are other features like sound alarm (it’s pretty loud!) and I can play a message (dog barking, I’m sorry we’re pretty busy right now, Can I help you?, Sorry, we’re not interested, Video voicemail and I just checked it also has Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays and Happy Kwanzaa and Hanukkah! How Cool is that!

On Saturday, while I was at my daughter’s, my husband was outside hanging up decorations and I was able to talk to him though the microphone and my granddaughter LOVED that! LOL

Look above the door, that’s the security camera!

You do need to install the Kuna app for the security camera, and the app is free for 14 days then you need to pay for the subscription which runs from $4.99 – $15.99 a month depending on what you want to keep on the app and how long you want to save the videos.

About the Light Socket Powered WiFi Toucan Outdoor Security Camera

This is the easy-to-install home security system that retrofits a motion-sensing WiFi camera to an outdoor porch or garage light. Requiring no wiring, an included smart light bulb adapter simply screws into the existing light socket to provide power to the wall-mounted wireless HD video camera via a short cord.

The camera’s infrared sensor detects when someone approaches and automatically sends a notification to your paired WiFi device via a free app. The camera streams and records video, letting you monitor your home from anywhere in the world, and has a built-in microphone and speaker for voice chatting with visitors.

It also lets homeowners turn the light on and off remotely or at pre-scheduled times, play pre-recorded outgoing messages upon motion activation, or sound a 100db alarm to scare off potential intruders. The weatherproof camera withstands moisture, heat, and cold and attaches to any exterior surface with the included mounting plate. Camera: 4 3/4″ diameter x 2″ D. (8 1/4 oz.)

You can purchase this Light Socket Powered WiFi Toucan Outdoor Security Camera from Hammacher, Home Depot and on https://www.getkuna.com/

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