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Wednesday October 26th was my granddaughter’s 8th week in Dance Class and the teachers did something so cute for them for Halloween.  They hosted a Toddlers Halloween Party!  Yes they had a few older kids besides the toddlers, but instead of excluding the toddlers, they welcomed them!

My daughter made Halloween sugar cookies and brought some drink, cups and ice.  She wants to be the active mom with her daughter’s activities.  That makes me happy because I was always baking or doing something when she was in school! LOL

They played hot potato and they made ghosts out of bananas and chocolate chips! What a cute idea!

Banana Ghost:
Take a half of a banana and peel it back, take 3 chocolate chips and insert them into the banana enough that they won’t fall off. 2 eyes and 1 for the nose.  I tried to get a good picture of it, but it didn’t happen.

Anyway here are a few pictures and 2 short videos.

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