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Tips Before You Purchase An Inground Pool

Having an inground pool is a huge purchase, especially for those that are just moving into their home. The cost of a pool can be thousands of dollars and can affect both the aesthetic of your outdoor space and the value of your home. This investment is something that you don’t want to take lightly and you should research what you need before buying one before and making this big decision. If you don’t, you could overpay more than you prefer or hire the wrong contractor before the job is complete. Educate yourself on the features and functions that make sense for you and your family. Below are some ideas to help you! 

  1. What Type Of Pool – There are various types of pools for you to choose from. A popular pool for new homeowners is a steel-concrete pool in the form of a shell. Why is this? It’s extremely durable and allows the plaster shell to hold water safely and for a long period of time. Another popular pool that many homeowners pick is fiberglass. This can be sold as one large piece that arrives at your home by truck and then positioned in a hole with a crane. Unlike concrete pools, these pools are ready-made, making it a rare request to customize the design. 

  3. What Shape or Design – This usually has to do with the size of your backyard. It also can affect what activities you’ll want to do not only within the pool. Think of what you would like the overall appearance of your backyard space to look like. Figure out the size of the pool and what it will be used for such as recreational or sports-related. Also, try to figure out how many people will be using the pool both now and a few years down the line. If you have small children at the moment, they might want to have a swimming party when they become teenagers so perhaps a large pool would be necessary. 

  5. Landscaping – Adding some gorgeous landscaping around your pool can transform the backyard but also your pool. Many people are just more concerned about having a pool that they neglect to think about this sort of thing. While your pool is being installed, it might be a great idea to ensure that there’s a space in your yard for all of these features you want such as rows of flowers or a small seating area. When you are thinking about landscaping around your pool, this is information you also might want to have when getting things ready for future entertaining opportunities. 

    Image: Brazilian wood Depot


  7. Adding A Deck – One big thing that you’ll want to have with your pool is a deck to go with it. Looking for a contractor might not come cheap but you want it to be done correctly the first time. A local company in the Atlanta area is called Brazilian Wood Depot. They offer unique woods that are sure to be a conversation piece for your family, neighbors, and guests to discuss. One of the types of woods they offer for your deck is an eco-friendly cumaru wood. This wood is world-renowned for its superior characteristics and properties. For one thing, it’s one of the hardest woods in the world which leads to its incredible popularity with customers and durability. Cumaru is also naturally resistant to insect attack, fire, decay, mold, and more. Due to the wood’s texture and interlocking grain, it also offers a great slip resistance which you’ll want near your pool. 

  9. Timeframe – As far as timeframe goes, you’ll want to be able to have someone home to be there when they bring in the pool, place the pool in, and any other items that might come up while you have it installed. A timeframe that would work best is determined by the family’s schedule and weather as well. In my opinion, to put a pool in, the best time would be the Spring so the ground is easy to dig up and you can have it just in time for the warmer months to happen. It might be at your advantage however, to purchase and get it installed in the winter for a discounted rate because not many will be purchasing it during that season. 

Again, these are just a few tips to think of before you purchase an inground pool but these ideas can help make the process easier, exciting, and more importantly, educated on the process is like. Having an inground pool is a great thing to enjoy together as a family, especially now that we’re all stuck at home and needing something to do.

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