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Santa Delivers Tippur Nail Polish Holder in Stockings! #Christmas2017

Ladies have you ever wished there was an easier way to hold a nail polish bottle? Well, someone answered that wish! Have you heard of Tippur? It’s a genius useful nail polish gadget you never realized you needed – but you will after you read the review. 🙂

Tippur Nail Polish Holder

The Tipper is a nail polish bottle holder that works with most 5mL  to 17mL bottles on the market. It has adjustable angles and two different sized inserts to accommodate most nail polish bottles. It’s a hands-free device that acts as a third hand. It makes a home Mani / Pedi fun again which can save you time and money!  Designed by Nail Professionals for salon and home use.  If you are a professional, it will help you look more professional and organized. 

Tippur Nail Polish Holder

The package makes things fairly self explanatory. Use the big foam insert for bigger bottles, or nest the smaller foam insert for smaller bottles.

Tippur adjusts within 90 degrees so that you can find the perfect angle for your needs. I tested this out with oval bottles, square bottles, and various shapes of “traditional” bottles. All seem to fit quite securely within the insert.

After playing around with Tippur a bit for photos I tested it with a bottle that was two thirds of the way empty. It made me a fan of Tippur. It made applying nail polish so much easier despite the low fill line.

Tippur currently retails for $14.95 with free shipping. It’s available in six different colors, but I chose purple for this review because it was my favorite. You can order Tippur on their website.

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