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Tide Cold Water Laundry Detergent Review ~Swapping from Warm to Cold~

I was offered the opportunity to participate in The Tide Cold Water Program with SheSpeaks.com and well, I jumped at it!  My mother always used Tide detergent and so did I until the price started to get so high I couldn’t afford it anymore.  But I got pretty lucky with couponing I can now purchase Tide for around $3!  YAY!!  lol  Whoops back to the review!

My mother sorted the clothes, I mean cold, warm, hot (towels and whites) and it seemed like it took her forever to do laundry!  I don’t sort the clothes!  Well, I do, but not like my mother did. lol  I sort them as Towels (hot), and then I toss all the other laundry in the washer!  I put the laundry detergent in and turn the machine on. Yep my clothes mingle in the washer and yes it takes forever to dry, but hey everything is clean! lol

To help get clothes cleaner in cold water, Tide has formulated a new ColdWater Laundry Detergent that washes clothes better than other detergents do in warm or hot water. Using Tide ColdWater you can save energy and money when you switch to cold, not to mention clothes typically last longer when washed in cold water. 🙂 A company that wants to help the consumer save money while doing laundry! Isn’t that nice! 🙂

By using Tide Cold Water this week, I’ve noticed, my clothes are cleaner, softer and smell awesome!  The detergent even got a stain out of my husbands work Jacket!  I totally forgot to take a picture of it though 🙁  I highly recommend Tide Cold Water Detergent!

Make sure you check the monthly P&G Coupon insert. There is usually valuable coupons you can use to save even more money on Tide ColdWater Liquid Laundry Detergent.  Also check Tides facebook page, they have coupons too!  I’ve gotten 2 $2 off coupons from there!


We received a full sized sample & a Gift Card as a part of our Tide Coldwater Program from Tide & Shespeaks.com The views and opinions expressed are 100% my own. Please read our Policies

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