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The View Ambassador: Hot Topics and My View

Remember last week I mentioned I was a Brand Ambassador for “The View, well, my assignments started with this weeks shows! I get to share with you the day’s shows and my view on them….isn’t that nice! 🙂

Today was a day of hot topics. The first topic to be discussed was the Tiger Woods press conference. Now I watched it the conference and in my opinion and apparently the ladies on “The View” is that his personal life has NOTHING to do with his career! He apologized to everyone he hurt including his fans! That should be enough.

This topic is EVERYWHERE! I have read that some people are saying “Despite the decisions in his personal life, he is still the best golf player alive.” Then there are those who think “He is a horrible, and they will never support his golf career”, “He is a disgrace to golf”. What does his PERSONAL Life have to do with his career??!! GET REAL people!

My opinion: I don’t think his personal life needs to have so much focus. What do you think?

Today is the day that the Credit Card Reform went into effect.
Three good things about this:
*If you are 21 and under you have to prove that you can make payments or have a cosigner.
*Statements will include information about how long it will take you to pay off your balance if you only pay the minimum due.
*The credit card company must get your permission before transactions can be made that are over your limit.

Unfortunately, th new reform may not be so good for customers who pay on time or pay off the balance in full every month.
*You can be charged for inactivity.
*Some credit card companiess may start charging annual fees.

I am so glad We do not have any major credit cards. We only have a Zales card and that will be paid off by June!

What’s coming up this week:
•Tuesday, Feb 23: The controversial cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore will be joining the Women live on Tuesday.
•Wednesday, Feb 24: Nadya Suleman who famously gave birth to octuplets last year will be making her first trip to NYC to chat live with the Women of the View. Author Danielle Steel will also be a guest
•Thursday, Feb 25: A one hour show Themed “trying to have a baby?”Guests include Giuliana And Bill Rancic
•Friday, Feb 26: Regis and Joy Philbin will perform a song from their new CD: Regis & Joy: Just you. Just me.

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