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The Coca Cola Trail Book Christmas Gift Set

The Coca Cola Trail Book Christmas Gift Box

I have found a great gift for history and Coca Cola fans. The Coca-Cola Trail: People and Places in the Cola History  Book and Christmas jelly gift set. Christmas Jelly has cola syrup and jalapeno peppers.

The trail will take you to the places in America that tell the story – places where you can see, touch, and remember. The book is part history and part travel guide, however it is very interesting to read.The Coca-Cola Trail provides a fresh new look at a trusted old friend.  A journey for anyone interested in discovering the history and growth of the world’s most recognized product.

Did you know?

Coca-Cola was first bottled in Vicksburg, MS, not Atlanta.
They sold the rights to bottle Coca-Cola throughout the United States for $1.00.

Those are just two interesting stories you will discover. Over 200 pages about the places and entrepreneurs who were instrumental in creating the “Coca-Cola empire”
Coca Cola Trail
The Coca-Cola Trail: People and Places in the History of Coca-Cola” includes Louisiana sites such as Joseph A. Biedenharn’s company in Vicksburg where Coke was served and grew popular, which led to Biedenharn bottling the concoction for the first time in history, and Biedenharn’s home in Monroe, now a historic landmark with the Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum next door.

My thoughts:

I love how the author includes pictures that show you what it looked like way back during the time period. This is an awesome Christmas gift for anyone in your family or a friend.  I’m gifting my gift set to my son-in-law. He likes to read and he’s a big COLA fan.

Gift Box contains “The Coca-Cola Trail” book, Coca-Cola pepper jelly and pepper jelly recipe booklet for the holidays, and a Coca-Cola glass with candle. This is a great gift for anyone.

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