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The BEST Sanitizer and Dryer for MORE than Bottles!

CORAL UV The BEST Sanitizer & Dryer for MORE than Bottles!

You will fall in love with the BEST Sanitizer and Dryer while sanitizing and drying bottles, pacifiers, and teethers. Now the Coral UV machine has a surprise that will continue the love affair over and over again as you sanitize anything else that comes in contact with your little ones. It’s also great for Mom’s makeup brushes! This Modern Grandma knows this will be a favorite appliance of women for years to come!


This is a must have machine.  My granddaughter got real sick at the beginning of October and we had to put all her animals in pillow cases to wash and sterilize them.  Now we won’t have to do that with the Coral UV Sanitizer and Dryer.  I’m happy about that as well as the fact that my makeup brushes can be cleaned without my having to use my hands!  I told my daughter we can share the machine so we can both have clean toys and makeup brushes. 🙂


Requiring no heat or water, Coral UV is an Ultraviolet C light sanitizer and dryer. It isn’t just for baby bottles, the Coral UV grows with your family, from early baby stages to sanitizing toddler’s stuffed animal toys small toys, sippy cups, remotes, and electronic toys. However, the limit does not end there. Coral UV has become a kitchen appliance with applications beyond baby stages, parents can use the Coral UV to sanitize household items such as smartphones, makeup brushes, electric toothbrushes, razors, cups and small kitchen items. Coral UV benefits everyday parents like never before.

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Dual UV Lamps
Uses dual Philips UV light, one of the top UV light bulbs.
Stainless Steel Inner Body
Highly reflective and durable stainless steel ensures UV light reaches every corner of the inside body.
Top Open Design
Keeps rays inside the machine, minimizing the risk of exposure to UV lights.
Child Safety Switch
If the cover is open while in operation, all functions will stop working and the UV lights will turn off immediately.

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It also comes with a stainless basket to hold store small items.

Coral UV kills 99.9% of household germs

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Staphylococcus Aureus – Causes staph infections

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E Coli – Causes diarrhea

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Candida Albicans – Causes thrush in babies

How to Use Coral UV
  • Wash and shake off baby bottles
  • Load them in the sanitizer
  • Press auto button, the bottles will be ready to use in 50 min. No need to hand dry!
  • Wipe off any water stains inside with a damp cloth
  • No need for vinegar or harsh chemicals!
  • Replace UV light bulbs once a year
  • Replace filter every 3 months

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