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Discover Talon Wines Blueberry Wine this Christmas

Blueberry Wine

Discover Talon Wines new Blueberry wine this Holiday Season.

Talon Wines Blueberry Wine is so delicious, that 1 glass is not enough. 😉 My sisters loved it so much, they were looking forward to purchasing 4 more bottles, however it is not sold in Louisiana. 🙁

Each Fall and holiday season Talon Wine Brands make mulled wine for guests who come in looking for that ultimate holiday experience that a winery can give. Their bottles of wine are about the perfect size to fill a stocking. #StockingStufferIdeas

They change the base wine they use each month, but one of their most popular is Blueberry Wine. The blueberry is combined with vanilla spices.

Blueberry Wine

Blueberry Wine:

ST. KATHRYN CELLARS BLUEBERRY is a deliciously flavorful wine made with real, natural blueberries. It is medium sweet, with a wonderful blueberry aroma and flavor. Serve slightly chilled by itself or with a variety of foods. All of our St. Kathryn Cellars wines make great cocktails too.

They also have a Cranberry wine. Cranberry is made by using real, natural cranberry. The fruity taste, combined with the mulled spices, makes for a surprisingly light yet festive and enriching drink during the holidays.

Cranberry Wine

Cranberry Wine:

ST. KATHRYN CELLARS CRANBERRY is tasty and tart with just enough pucker power. Fermented from 100% pure cranberries, this wine is a holiday favorite you’ll enjoy throughout the year. Delicious with ham, turkey, and a variety of cheeses. All of our St. Kathryn Cellars wines make great cocktails too.

Talon Wine

Talon Wines also has a new HONEY SHERÉ wine.

Now available and better than ever with ALL LOCAL INGREDIENTS! The wildflower honey comes from Colorado Mountain Honey, the caramelized sugar is from local and highly acclaimed confectionery Enstrom’s Candies, and the spirits are from their friends at the Peach Street Distillery.

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