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Syniverse Customized Roaming Control

Syniverse debuted a new roaming hub in February of 2019. They said it will allow operators to expand access to next-generation 5G and IoT services a bit faster in new markets. Not only do mobile users want the widest roaming coverage possible, they want the same quality of experience at all times. In today’s world, that means 4G and 5G.

The open connectivity complete hub will help operators deliver the highest level of roaming control to their customers while avoiding the significant amount of testing required to establish individual agreements with global counterparts.

The hub covers data, messaging and voice services on 5G, NB-IoT and LTE-M networks. It will also provide a dashboard from which operators can monitor the financial aspects of their agreements, including invoicing and payments in real time.

People travel all the time, and they’re expected to travel even more in the future. Keep them connected. Every time a subscriber leaves home, provide the same experience while they are away. Customized roaming offers powered by data ensures an unsurpassed, world-renowned roaming experience — every time. Give your subscribers peace of mind to stay connected while boosting your roaming revenue.

Syniverse connects you to your high-value customers by sending intelligent, customizable messages. You can tell your story in a way that resonates with your audiences. With a full suite of support functions, you can track, automate, and better understand your mobile marketing and engagement efforts.

Built with the customer in mind, Mobile Messaging supports all the popular communication channels and features customized templates and language translation support that let you act locally and think globally.

Whether you’re alerting your customers of potential card fraud or rewarding them through loyalty programs, Syniverse Mobile Engagement ensures your messages are delivered seamlessly — every time.

Their digital platform and communication experts help you capitalize on the endless opportunities to earn customer loyalty through meaningful engagement. With syniverses tools, you can ensure that your messages are welcomed — and bring you closer to who you want to reach.

Syniverse Mobile Engagement helps you send messages that build relationships with any customer, then helps you track the impact of those messages to shape your marketing and engagement strategy. From building loyalty with working moms to reaching digital natives where they are, we make it easier to deliver impactful customer experiences on mobile.

It also allows businesses to access and utilize a toolbox of mobile channels through one solution. The service also provides enhanced mobile capabilities, such as interactive scratch cards delivered through text messages to promote customer engagement, and mobile wallet and gamification functionality to digitize loyalty rewards and promotions.

Symphony RetailAI is Syniverses new partner, to foster the usage of its Mobile Engagement suite of services to retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) businesses worldwide. The Syniverse platform enables businesses to engage with their customers through intelligent and customizable multi-channel messaging, being a complement to Symphony RetailAI’s current offering.

The Syniverse and Symphony RetailAI partnership will initially focus on Brazil and expand to other countries in Asia-Pacific Rim, Europe and North America.

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