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Sustainable Energy and Why we Should be Using It.

What is sustainable energy? According to Wikipedia, it is the practice of using energy in a way that “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable energy reduces the impact of pollution, providing a healthier form of power generation and independence from foreign oil reserves.

That is the primary reason that politicians are pushing for a change. However, the current grid is a tested system that brings uninterrupted service to millions of businesses and residences. The new one will have less redundancy, making the network more prone to failure, shortages, and outages.

People have been talking more and more about sustainable energy as not just a way to take better care of EARTH.  As a solution that could even save money over the long run (solar energy especially). The benefits of sustainable energy are very important. This type of energy can reduce pollution and make our country less reliant on foreign oil.

Wind and solar production are going up, great!  Nuclear and coal-powered electrical generation plants are closing or on schedule for elimination. When I look around my neighborhood, there are more and more people with Solar panels. We rent, but I would LOVE to get solar panels and make our bills cheaper than they are now.

According to Douglas Healy, 45% of the country’s gas fields are in the Mid-West which is an area that is critical to supply the country with power. This area of the country already contains a lot of our nuclear power generation and electricity plants. If our country would swap to using sustainable power sources there wouldn’t be need for coal-power or nuclear power.

The problem is simple enough to understand but more complicated to solve. The wind doesn’t blow every single day all day. The sun is also not out 24 hours daily, so it’s unsuitable as an uninterruptible source of power. Businesses and consumers in Texas need that power to live their lives and run their operations. If they can’t count on it being there, it might be time to institute a backup plan.

The lack of ability to store power at the plant is a concern, especially with rising demands. Energy executives must supply their customers with a continuous supply of power.  They may not be able to guarantee that with wind and solar. Those plants can’t store excess capacity as readily due to current battery limitations, so they will always tie into the weather that day.

So, what does the future hold?

It seems that what the renewable sector needs is experienced professional supporters from the legal and political sectors. These advocates would form a powerful new voice that the government would find hard to resist.  The renewable industry can fight on the same terms as those currently dominating energy in the US. People like Douglas Healy, for instance,  are strong supporters in the legal sector who stand resolutely in support of a sustainable energy future for the US.

We do have a lot to look forward to especially in the Mid-West. If we can get access to some of the more sustainable energy, it would be better for human beings and our planet. You should try to stay as informed as possible on this topic since it will most likely affect your future at some point.

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