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Supporting Sustainable Companies

Forging through the chaos and uncertainty is a company dedicated to making a difference. Criterion Technology wants their impact on the community to extend beyond their top-notch products. They’re bringing a whole new meaning to being a sustainable company. 

Criterion is proud to say that 100% of their products are made in the USA. They’ve spent the last 30 years perfecting their craft in systems like turnkey molding assemblies, injection molding, subsea systems, and more. Their technical knowledge comes from continued importance placed on education, teamwork, and worksite evaluation. They back their products with paid tooling because they whole-heartedly believe in what they’re creating. Criterion has been an industry leader since the 1990s, it is no surprise that their dedication to their craft is shining through their work. 

Their commitment doesn’t stop with their products. Criterion Technology, Inc. cares about their employees. They’ve sustained stellar reviews for their customer service, on-time delivery, and overall product resilience. Their secret to excellent reviews is keeping their team happy. With an informed and cohesive team a company is on the fast track to keeping great relationships with their customers. Criterion is proud to offer continuous training to develop and empower their employees. They offer a safe work environment through onsite training and prevention activities. Feeling comfortable and knowledgeable about their work environment gives their employees the ability to focus on the products and customers.

With great employees and products comes great opportunity. As an industry leader in their craft, Criterion could charge astronomical prices, but they don’t. They focus on giving back to the community instead of sitting on bags of money. They are a proud sponsor of multiple local charities and community organizations. They work alongside their employees to give back to organizations like Smoke on the Water, Harbor House, and the Empty Stocking Fund. Not only are they giving back through fundraising efforts, but they’re also worried about their environmental impact! Criterion has implemented recycling and waste disposal efforts that are better for the environment. They happily comply with all state and federal regulations to show their dedication to protecting the environment and its valuable resources.

How are they able to keep prices affordable while continuously educating their employees, offering top-notch products, and giving back to the community? Criterion offers a customized pricing structure. Customers get the option of having a smaller inventory on hand by purchasing a higher volume for Criterion to expedite as needed. 

Criterion is a wonderful example of what a sustainable company looks like. Their commitment to their employees, community, and customers is unmatched. If you’re looking to support a company with a business model that wants to see everyone succeed, then you’ve found it with Criterion Technology, Inc.!

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