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Stay at Home and Stay in Love: Date Night Ideas

Given the current COVID-19 situation, today’s date nights are drastically different. More couples are staying at home, attempting to achieve the balance between work and play (and the kids, if you have them). Due to the blurring lines between work and rest at home, some couples forget to keep the romance alive by having date nights. After all, is it possible to have a proper date night during times like this?

Whether you’ve been together for a while, newly dating or were connected by a trusted NYC matchmaker, you don’t have to go out to enjoy a romantic night. There are tons of options for cute dates at home. Instead of increasing your risk for COVID-19, enjoy a safe, quiet and budget-friendly date night at home with these ideas.

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Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas

Tasting Parties

A good tasting party is a tasteful and romantic idea for foodies and lovers. The theme is up to you: cookies, cheese and wine, whiskey, chocolate or whatever food you love. Lay out your options and be creative with the menu.

To make the event more fun, create “tasting stations” with everything you need for a tasting party laid out; this includes plates, utensils, the décor and the food. Don’t forget to add a sheet of paper so you can write some tasting notes.

The sky’s the limit with these tasting parties. From the traditional wine and cheese parties to a smoothie tasting party, enjoy your date night with your favorite treats.

“Pretend Blackout” Date Nights

The electricity going out is not an option for busy working individuals. But when you want to spend more time with a significant other minus the distractions, the electricity “going out” isn’t such a bad idea. This means turning off the lights to light candles and turning off the Wi-Fi, so you can put away your electronics and focus more on each other.

During your pretend blackout date, you can do the following:

Enjoy a Trivia Game

Trivia nights are great date night ideas that help you get to know each other more, as well as discuss other conversation topics. Whether you’ve just started dating or have been together for more than ten years, trivia games can help you discover more about each other.

The Internet is rich in fun trivia questions. You can also add in personal questions. For example, you can write down an answer to the question and guess what you think the other person wrote down. Cheating is not an option since you’ve already written down the right answer.

Some questions to get you started during your couple’s trivia night:

Trivia night is also one of the best ways to lightly segue into a deeper conversation about your love languages. Learn more about what fills each other’s love tank, as well as how you can improve.

Transform Your Bedroom Into a Fancy Hotel Room

If you miss staycations, enjoy them at home by transforming your bedroom into a hotel suite.

Start by collecting sample sizes of your fancy shampoos, conditioners and body lotion. Most beauty stores and department stores sell or offer them for free. Display them in your bathroom. If you feel a little “extra,” put these samplers in a pretty basket. While you’re at it, light a few scented candles in your bathroom and bedroom.

Next, place a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice near your bed. Add a touch of romance by sprinkling flowers over the bed and making chocolate-covered strawberries. Then, watch movies in bed and pretend you’re watching pay-per-view. Cap off the date by ordering your favorite food and eat them in bed.

Set Up a Spa Date

An at-home spa date is romantic and relaxing at the same time – minus the hefty price tag. Slip into your comfy slippers and robes and apply face masks or body scrubs. You can also draw a bath for two and make things more fun with a bath bomb. If you’re feeling fancier, fill a pitcher of water and infuse it with mint or cucumber.

Romantic nights at home are completely doable with a little creativity from your end. Enjoy date nights at home with these at-home date night ideas.

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