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Add Magic to your Christmas Lighting with Star Shower Window Wonderland #Christmas2017

I wanted to do something different with decorating this year. My granddaughter is getting older and she is loving helping put some decorations up, helping baking cookies and she talks about SANTA with so much excitement. She’s such a HAPPY 3 year old. So when I was approached about including a Star Shower Window Wonderland projector in my holiday prep roundup and/or my gift guide, I talked to my husband and it was a yes! 🙂

Star Shower Window Wonderland

This projector transforms windows into animated holiday displays. All you have to do is place the projector near any window, hang the included screen, and choose from six included holiday movies to play with the touch of a button. Turn dreary windows on dark wintery nights into colorful, entertaining exhibits in minutes. This product is also great for apartment-dwellers. Includes 1 Winter Wonderland™ (with easy fit screen, 6 Halloween movies and 6 Christmas movies)

I did a video review on the Star Shower Window Wonderland since my husband was trying to figure it out to put up, he focused on the back door, so I don’t have the screen up, however it still worked. I LOVE this idea! It is so freaking cool to put it in the window and when you pull into your driveway, there’s santa waving at you! I can’t wait for my granddaughter to come Saturday so she can see what Grampa and I did! 🙂

Star Shower® Window Wonderland™ is the revolutionary projector that transforms average windows into spectacular displays! Holiday decorating will be fast and easy. Place the projector near any window. Then add the adjustable 4-feet by 6-feet easy fit screen. Select the built-in movie you want to play and start the show. Celebrate the horror of Halloween or the joy of Christmas in stunning fashion. Star Shower Window Wonderland features an adjustable stand so you can get a perfect picture. And the one-touch switch allows you start movies with the press of a button. There’s no complicated set-up or installation! Star Shower® Window Wonderland™ uses the latest projection technology to create bright and colorful movies. Bring your home to life with Star Shower® Window Wonderland™.

6 Halloween movies
6 Christmas movies
Styled like old Hollywood Camera
No setup, no installation
Adjustable stand
4’ x 6’ easy fit screen
What are the movies included?

  • Chainsaw maniac
  • Scary scarecrows
  • Eerie eyeballs
  • Dancing skeletons
  • Creepy graveyard
  • Zombie attack


  • Santa magic
  • Chirping winter cardinals
  • Puppies in presents
  • Fun-filled gingerbread house
  • Holiday train
  • Waving Santa

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