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Smartphone FREE App Sideline 2nd Phone Number

sideline App

This Sideline 2nd Phone Number app is so cool! Perfect for Bloggers, home business owners and those who just want to keep their personal phone number private!  Available on iTunes or Google Play. The highly rated FREE Sideline App  puts your work and personal numbers together on a single device BUT keeps them separate in every other way!  I was so excited about this last night, I got a second number for my blog business!

Sideline 2nd Phone Number

Download the FREE sideline app (for individuals), and choose your local area code and select a phone number to add to your smartphone using your carrier’s network and minutes.  Unlimited texting plans will have free texting on the second number too!

Sideline 2nd Phone Number

AND, the Sideline App includes number porting so you can transfer an existing work number from another device or landline. Even sweeter, you will receive separate caller ID, notifications and ringtones to let you know who’s contacting your Sideline. Isn’t that convenient!?

Sideline 2nd Phone Number


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