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Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplanes

Did you fly paper airplanes when you were a kid? Have you showed your kids or grandkids how to make and fly them?  My husband just did this yesterday with our granddaughter.  The funny part, the plane would not fly!  I kept diving instead of flying like it should have.  Anyway, I was so happy to see a company keeping the flying paper airplanes alive and updated it with technology to make them fly better.  Gotta love technology these days.  The new POWERUP 4.0 smartphone-controlled paper airplane kit is all the buzz this holiday season.

paper airplanes

The POWERUP 4.0 is the most powerful and user-friendly model yet from POWERUP Toys. It’s powerful enough to fly paper, balsa, cardboard, and foam planes by blending technology with the thrill of sending homemade planes into flight – bringing the kid out in all of us!

With up to 10 minutes of flight time, the POWERUP 4.0 features an on-board flight computer, autopilot assist, gyro and accelerometer with fly-by-wire capability, and flight telemetry stats. Two propellers provide double the power and more maneuverability, even in imperfect weather conditions. You can also purchase specially created LED lights to make flying at night a breeze and landing gear to make taking off and landing smoother. You can check out the plane in action on youtube

This is so much fun!  If you’ve ever flew a drone, this is similar.  I love having fun like this with my family.

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