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Skylanders Frightful Fiesta Superchargers Character Review

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Despite being undead

Fiesta had always been the life of the party. He was once the head member of a popular mariachi band in the personal court of Count Moneybone, who all undead citizens respected immensely. In his spare time, Fiesta and his bandmates played music for all of the new arrivals that entered the Underworld. However, a day came when the new arrivals were actually several Skylanders, who had come on a mission to stop Count Moneybone from unleashing a robot army on all of Skylands.

frightful fiesta skylanders

Fiesta then realized that he, like so many others, had been fooled by the evil Count into thinking he was kind and generous – not the vengeful monster he truly was. Unbeknownst to the Skylanders, Fiesta and his bandmates helped to distract the robot army so they could infiltrate Moneybone’s mansion and put a stop to him.Even though the Skylanders were unaware, this act of bravery and defiance did catch the attention of Master Eon, who recruited him at once.

frightful fiesta skylanders


Frightful Fiesta is a Halloween Special Edition Character. He has as the same powers, health levels, upgrades and fighting statistics as the regular fiesta however he does look different as an action figure and in the game. He is painted orange and looks the same in the game. He is more of a collectors item and is out for a limited time only. When paired with his vehicle in the Skylander Superchargers game, it gives him extra fighting and health powers. If you like to play Skylander games or buy the characters to collect, he is definitely one character you would want to purchase and add to your collection.

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