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Skipping Holiday Bonus Tips for Baby Sitter, Gardener, etc, Is that OK to do?

Did you know that 35% of us give holiday bonus tips to our gardener/lawn keeper, baby sitter, newspaper carrier, mail carrier, etc?

I know there are a lot of us who have had and are still having difficult financial situations. Some of us who pay to have our lawn cut or a baby sitter to watch our kids are probably wondering if it is OK to skip paying holiday bonus tips. The answer is yes. It is OK to skip holiday bonus tips! Just be sure you still express your appreciation in some way to the people who make your life a little easier.

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If you have a lawn keeper, gardener, paper-carrier or even a baby sitter,  it is customary to say thank you with holiday bonus tips, but during hard times, it is sometimes impossible to have the extra cash. If you are having trouble making ends meet, and can’t afford to give holiday bonus tips, below are a few other ways to say thank you.

A holiday card with a handwritten note. A warm thanks is appropriate, and you can mention why there is not tip this year. Something like: “Thank you so much for all you have done this year. It has been a terribly difficult year for us, and we are looking forward to resuming our holiday tips when things improve.”

Handmade gifts or treats. Bake some goodies and put them on a nice holiday foam plate ($1 at Dollar Tree).  I love homemade gifts! I also do this for our landlord and hubby’s boss!

My daughter made a homemade candle holder, it cost her about $4 to make.  She purchased everything from the $ Tree.  Something like that would make a nice and inexpensive gift if you enjoy doing crafts.

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