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SinfulColors Spring Collection 2015

SinfulColors Spring Collection

Spring is in the air and so are manicures and pedicures for spring flings and proms! Looking for that perfect nail color to match your prom dress or spring wardrobe? What about the SinfulColors Spring Collection for 2015?

The Spring collection has 24 bold, vibrant and unexpected shots of color that capture three major nails trends of the season.

  • Traditional, soft pastels get an invigorating update with creamy shimmer and glitter.
  • Mood boosting zesty oranges, bright yellows and greens invoke an energizing palette of citrus-inspired colors guaranteed to invigorate your spring awakening.
  • Calm blues, purples and teals are enhanced with iridescent toppers that make for a decorative and decadent take on classic shades.

Create your freshest mani/pedi ever with their 24 daring and exciting pigments for Spring 2015

The SinfulColors Spring Collection 2015:
SinfulColors Spring Collection
Here are 5 of the shades the Collection Includes:

  • Zest of Times: Lustrous Magenta.
  • Thimbleberry: A crushing shade of coral.
  • Cream Pink: Bubble gum pink.
  • Tempest: A subtly seductive purple.
  • Horizon Shine: High-shine crimson red.

The 5 shades mentioned above are the ones I chose to review from the spring collection. Ya’ll no lie, these are absolutely beautiful colors!!! I did a review on their valentine collection and these are just as beautiful! The internet doesn’t do the colors any justice at all!

SinfulColors gives you beautiful color and quality for a low price! The nail polish does not have a smell at all and that is a huge plus for me! Now I get to use nail polish that won’t give me a headache to put on. PLUS I’ll get great wear and coverage with these polishes and a long lasting manicure! I highly recommend this SinfulColors!

SinfulColors Spring Collection SinfulColors Spring Collection

You can find SinfulColors nail polishes at Walmart, Rite Aid, and other mass retailers priced at around $1.99.

Have you seen this collection at a store near you? What shades are you dying to try?

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