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Simply 7 Snacks Quinoa Chips Review ~ All Natural, Gluten and GMO FREE Chips!

Simplly 7 Snacks

Disclosure: 2 weeks ago we received a complimentary case of Simply 7 Snacks in exchange for our honest review.

simply 7 snacks

Last June we had the opportunity to do a review on Simply 7 snack chips.  We were able to try 3 different types of chips.  Hummus (chick pea), Lentil, and Pomegranate, you can Go here to read how much we liked these chips. So when we were given the opportunity to review the NEW Simply 7 Quinoa chips , we jumped at the chance!

Simply 7 Chips are the perfect snack for anyone trying to change their eating habits and looking for a healthy alternative.  Their Quinoa Chip flavors are designed to deliver all the flavor and nutrients of the ancient super grain quinoa.

simply 7 snacks

We received a case of the Quinoa Chips 4 different flavors (3 bags each), a T-shirt, a chip clip and 2 ink pens. The Quinoa flavors are Cheddar, Sour Cream and Onion, Sea Salt and BBQ!

Simply 7 Snacks

Simply 7 is built on the principle that the consumer should be able to identify the raw vegetable, fruit, grain, or legume that their snack products come from.

Simplly 7 Snacks are MSG FREE! They are also Gluten, Cholesterol and Trans Fat FREE! They contain no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no preservatives, no additives or chemicals.

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The first flavor we tried was the Cheddar.  The first thing my husband said was “These taste like “Bugles” and so I tried one and yep they did and we ate the entire bag! These were filled with cheddar flavor, not a hint of flavor, full flavor and they were DELICIOUS!

Simplly 7 Snacks

Next flavor we tried was the tried and true Sour Cream and Onion.  Delicious once again!  Just the right about of flavor, taste better than LAYS CHIPS!

I am currently snacking on the Sea Salt flavor as I write this review. Not too salty at all! I’ve had some Sea Salt chips that I couldn’t handle because of too much salt flavor, these are just right! My husband hasn’t tried them yet, I wonder if the bag will last til he gets home 😉

Simplly 7 Snacks

We haven’t had a chance to snack the BBQ flavor yet.  I am not a huge BBQ chip fan, but after trying the other 3 flavors, I have no doubt my husband and I will like them.

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Simply 7 Snacks

First, I want to thank “the Pitch List” and Simply 7 Snacks for the opportunity to try these new flavored chips and for stocking my pantry with snacks for the month! Our opinions are our own. We received no monetary compensation and we were NOT required to do a favorable review. Aside from information taken from the company website, the opinions are our own. For more information please read our policies

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