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6 Simple Ways to Cut Everyday Costs, Budget & Save Money

Frugal Ways to Save Money

Simple Frugal Ways To Save Money

Before reading my ways to Save Money, you should know the difference between being frugal and being cheap.

One significant quality of some one being cheap is:

  • They will do everything they can to hang onto their money.
  • They may underpay at dinner (while everyone else contributes their fair share).
  • They will sacrifice quality for a lower priced item.
  • They may even try to skip out on paying for basic necessities if possible.

A frugal quality is:

  • Researching to find the best available deals.
  • Understanding that non name brand items may at times work just as well as brand names.
  • Likes to save money for a higher quality or better item.
  • Uses a coupon or coupon code to help save money so they can use the money for something else.

Get Started Saving Money

There are several different ways you can save money:

  • Requesting Free Samples,
  • Printing and Using Coupons,
  • Filling out the Rebate Forms on certain products
  • Using money saving apps if you have a smartphone
  • If you shop at Walmart, use their Savings Catcher app
  • Winning blog Giveaways,
  • Learning how to live a more frugal lifestyle.

Frugal Ways to Save Money

Here are Simple Frugal Ways To Save Money:

1. Determine Needs and Wants | Avoid buying anything unnecessary!
Determine if the item you are contemplating on buying is something you really need to have or is it something that you really want to have.  Need items are things like food, tissue paper, insurance or a possibly a vehicle. A want item is the latest video game or DVD out.  I started teaching my daughter this when she was able to start earning her own money at 15 years old!

2. Use Coupons as a way to save money on groceries, at retail stores, at restaurants, the movie theater & more.
At the grocery store, add up the amount on each coupon and whatever that total is, that’s how much you are saving! You can either add that much more to your grocery bill or put that amount in your savings account. Use Fandango for movie ticket deals and be sure to check out the restaurants for coupons before heading out for your special night. Be sure to check out our coupons page.

3. Reduce the cost of your cable, internet, phone, and electric bills.
If your cable/internet/Phone bills are high, call the company and ask them if they can work to get you a better deal. I did last year and My bill went from almost $200 to $150 with tax and fees! Electric bills being high, that’s a different story. Read our post on how to Save on your electric bill in the Summer.

4. Getting Free Stuff
No matter if you are shopping in stores or searching online, there are all kinds of free stuff available.  Did you know that you can get free stuff in stores by using coupons? Yep that’s a true fact! (ex: $1 off 1 item and that item is $1, that item would be free after coupon!).  A lot of stores will offer freebies with a purchase or to get you into the store, they will offer a free item to get you in the store (bath and body works is famous for this!).  There are plenty of deal bloggers (like me ;)) who post about all the great freebies and deals they find and you can simply search for “free samples by mail, shop free in stores, etc.” Don’t forget to check out our Freebies page.

5. Eat at home more and bring your lunch from home!
If it is NOT necessary to go out to eat dinner, don’t do it! Save your money for when it’s someone’s birthday, a celebration of some kind, etc. then do it!   Bring a Bag lunch to work. Instead of going to eat at Burger King, McDonald’s, etc for lunch, pack your left over dinner for lunch or a sandwich along with a 20 oz bottle of water or drink, a snack of some kind (candy bar, chips, etc.) and bring it to work with you!

6. Menu Planning.
Menu planning is great!  You never have to figure out whats for dinner.  HOWEVER, I do suggest you make sure your kids are not having the same thing for lunch at their schools or it will be a waste! We had Red Beans every Monday, at school and at home and I hated it!

I hope these tips on ways to save money, that I have learned through the years, will help you on your journey to becoming frugal. If you have any suggestions to add, please leave them in the comments below.


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  1. That is a lot of great ways to be frugal! I have found that using coupons and eating at home have really saved me a lot of money.

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