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Sidral Mundet Mexican Apple Drink Review

I belong to a network that tells bloggers about different opps for reviews and giveaways. One of the recent opps was to do a review  of Sidral Mundet Mexican Apple Drink. I wanted to do this review because I absolutely love trying new things and I have never heard of this soda and I thought an apple drink would taste great! After all, I love Strawberry, orange and pineapple soda, why not try apple! LOL

Here is little bit about the delicious soda:

Sidral Mundet is a popular apple-flavored soft drink comes from Mexico and has a great taste  and is made with real sugar (no corn syrup) and  made with real apples, no fake artificial flavoring or colors. All flavors come from “Apple Juice” It is widely known as a nourishing and hydrating beverage as well as a fantastic cooking ingredient! Mexican mother’s use this soda to treat upset stomachs and it has also been used to treat a HANGOVER! This Mexican soda dates back to 1900’s!

We received 2 bottles to try.  These are glass bottles with an apple logo embossed at the top! 1 bottle resimbled a red apple and the other a green apple.  I first tried the green bottle and it tasted just like a green apple jolly rancher! The red bottle was like a fresh juicy red apple! Both bottles were almost like a sparkly champagne soda! The beverage has some carbonation/bubbles because it is soda pop. However, it’s a nice amount of bubbles. The flavor of the drink is really good, and I couldn’t think of a better way to describe it than to say it’s an apple-flavored soda!


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If you want to purchase a refreshing bottle of Sidral Mundet for yourself, you can easily find a store near you that carries it by visiting their “Store Locator” tab on their webpage, here. They retail in most stores for around a dollar!

Disclaimer:  The PR firm representing Sidral Mundet provided me with the product above in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to endorse this product, and my opinion of this product is entirely my own. Please read our policies Here.

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