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September Degustabox Food Subscription Review #AD @DegustaboxUSA #DegustaboxUSA

I love being an ambassador of Degustabox. It allows my family and to try new products as well as old products with different flavors for free in exchange for posting about them. What is Degustabox? It is a monthly food subscription box which contains 9-14 surprise food products in each box. The items are carefully selected from name brands, will contain new flavors, and give you a new option to think about the next time you’re looking for something different in your eating routine.

August Degustabox

One of the things I LOVE about the box is that they include a list of what you received in your Degustabox! It makes it so much easier to know about the products too!

This month we also received a recipe for Tomato and Basil soup.  I’m praying for cooler weather so I can make this, my daughter loves this kind of soup.

Degustabox subscriptions start at $19.99 per box which includes shipping, however you can use the code: UO5ID to receive 50% off your 1st box making it $9.99. How cool is that! All the goodies you’ll receive are at a price which is less than what you would see in the stores.

Here’s everything we received in the September box. 10 featured items, recipes, and coupons. A nice variety of items, some from favorite brands in new flavors, new-to-us brands, and some are perfect for the back-to-school lunch snacks. There was definitely something for everyone!

1. King Arthur Flour Essential Goodness Lemon Bar Mix 18 oz. These are made with real lemons and a classic shortbread crust. Non-GMO, no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, no corn syrup. Bake using eggs, butter, and water. Suppose to be just like homemade.  I haven’t  tried lemon bars in my life!  I will be baking these as soon as the weather is cooler, I can’t bake in 95 degree heat!

2. Reese On the Go Fruit and Quinoa Cups – 2 pack These snack cups are a combination of quinoa and fruit in the convenience of a to-go cup. Eat at home or on the run. Non-GMO and gluten-free. We received Mango Quinoa Medley. I’ve never tried anything like this before, however I decided to see what it tasted like, and it has almost a rice pudding consistency and the combination of the quinoa with the sweet fruit sort of balance each other out so it’s not too boring or too sweet. This is a great little snack cup for a lunch bag or snack for in between meals

3. Natural Sins Crispy Coconut Chips 0.5 oz. The only ingredients are coconut and cane sugar, super simple. I like that you can see a little edge on each chip! These are really easy to gobble down. I believe you can also add these to a smoothie (Pineapple, Banana and Coconut is YUMMY!). Non-GMO, Paleo, Kosher, gluten-free, and Vegan. Imported from Costa Rica.

4. SunRype Fruit fruit strips are 100% real fruit snacks. No artificial colors, preservatives, added sugar, or artificial flavors. My granddaughter will love these (putting them in her pumpkin for Halloween). I got 2 of the apple strawberry watermelon.

5. Lee Kum Kee Panda Brand Ready Sauce for Korean BBQ Stir Fry with authentic Asian flavors. Add to your favorite ingredients in stir fry or use the recipe on the package. No HFCS, cholesterol-free, no trans fats, no artificial flavors.  I’ve never made a Korean style BBQ stir-fry, but it sounds super tasty and includes FLANK STEAK😍! I wonder if I can change that to chicken!

6. Wild Planet Albacore Wild Tuna – 5 oz.. Tuna is always a pantry staple. You can toss it into a number of things, or keep it simple with just some mayo, salt and pepper on crackers or stuffed in a tomato.  Wild Planet uses sustainable pole and line caught albacore only, not farm raised tuna. Hand packed and cooked once, no need to drain. Non-GMO, dolphin-safe, no long lines, no nets, and turtle-safe.

7. Post Shredded Wheat Frosted Mixed Berry – 15.5 oz.
LOVED these!  I’m not a super big fan of cereal, however when I saw these it was like OMG I have to try them!  Out of the two flavors, I received Frosted Mixed Berry (the other is Frosted Cinnamon Roll). The Frosted Mixed Berry not only has the sweet frosting on the top, but it also has a little bit of fruit filling in each shredded wheat.  Then  after trying these, I went to the store and found Pumpkin Spice Shredded Wheat, so both of these flavors have become my breakfast or if my husband isn’t hungry for dinner, I eat cereal! 🙂

8. Angelic Bakehouse Bread Crisps 7-Grain with Sea Salt – Listed Value $4.00. Angelic Bakehouse is nutritious and delicious and I have to say that these bread crisps (which are made with sprouted mash) with a bit of sea salt are very tasty all on their own. Each crisp is thinly sliced and has a great crunch to it. Non-GMO and Kosher in a resealable bag. Perfect for snacking as-is, with dips, or your favorite topping, or even on the side of spinach dip (here’s there spinach dip recipe).

9. Mutti Tomato Puree Passata – 24.5 oz. Mutti is another brand that I have not tried (I have a can of their tomato sauce in my pantry), now that fall is here, I’ll be fixing stews and soups and using my tomato stuff via Degustabox. I hear that sometimes it will be a sauce, sometimes it’s chopped tomatoes, but it will  always be tasty! This time they’ve included a HUGE jar of tomato puree, with a recipe (on one side of the info sheet) for tomato and basil soup. Since it’s fall, hopefully temps will be lowering in Louisiana, so I can make that, my daughter loves that flavor soup, with a side of grilled cheese to go with it!  Non-GMO, gluten-free, Vegan, non-BPA packaging. Imported from Italy with 100% Italian tomatoes.

10. Goya Authentic Style Rice Pilaf with toasted orzo, onion, and garlic. The perfect accompaniment to any dish. Quick and easy to make. Low fat, no saturated fats, and no trans fats. I don’t like Mushrooms, so this will be going to my neighbor.

Degustabox sends a great box of snacks each month containing a variety of food items and many times there are recipes and ideas for using products included in the box. Occasionally, you will receive coupons to purchase featured items at your favorite retailer. It’s a good value of food items and each box is a surprise.

Interested in trying Degustabox?  Coupon: Use code code: UO5ID  to get your first month of Degustabox for only $9.99. (Regularly $19.99). Your first month will also include a free gift!

You can check out their past boxes for 2017 to see what you’ve been missing with no commitment. The value of these boxes are so much higher than the cost, Degustabox is really a sweet deal!


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