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Hurry and Buy! Select Kids Scentsy Buddy Clips 20% off!

Scentsy Buddy Clips

It’s back-to-school time and Scentsy has a special for your kids! That’s right, Scentsy sells kids stuff too! Through August 31st, select Scentsy Buddy Clips are on sale for 20% off! For smaller kids, you can attach the buddy to your childs backpack zipper, or just let them hold it as you walk out the door.  For school kids, these Scentsy buddies work great in lockers or other small spaces that need a little burst of Scentsy fragrance.

Scentsy Buddy Clips

My granddaughter is 3 years old and she loves her Stella the Unicorn buddy. She brings her everywhere and gets upset when she can’t find it! LOL My personal favorite is Oakly the Owl.

The following Scentsy Buddy Clips are 20% off:

  • Audrey the Arachnid can’t help but clip on to your child’s favourite item, and with her apple crush scent will ensure their day is filled with fruitful fun
  • Oakley the Owl – A kid’s very best fuzzy feathered friend, Oakley the Owl Scentsy Buddy Clip is a wise choice for your favorite youngster. Filled with Oodles of Orange Fragrance.
  • Penny the Pig – delivers a subtle coconut scent from her fragranced beads, ensuring that everything smells fresh from morning to night.
  • Scout the Dragon – Your little wild one will love this fun and fruity fragrance, bursting with ripe watermelon, green apple and scrumptious sugared pineapple.
  • Bahahaha Emoji (Currently SOLD OUT)

All of our other Buddy Clips are 10% off through August 31st.  Collect all the Scentsy Buddy Clips for endless fun! Buy now and then give them to Santa 😉

Clip-on, collectible and oh-so-cute, these Scentsy fuzzy friends are filled with scented beads that deliver kid-friendly fragrance anytime, anywhere. They’re great for backpacks and bedrooms! Buddy is polyester with a polypropylene clip. Spot clean.

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