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Sea Salt Body Scrub: Home Exfoliation Made Easy

The secret to glowing and healthy skin is to do more than just cleansing; you need a good scrub, too. Exfoliation is a great step that removes dead skin cells, which makes your skin softer. One of the best ways to exfoliate your skin is with a Sea Salt Body Scrub.

Local beauty shops, online shops and even grocery stores stock different types of body scrubs: from your regular body scrub to intense whitening body scrub varieties. Or, if you want a DIY project and some homemade body scrub, you can make one using the ingredients in your pantry.

What are the Benefits of Body Scrubs?

Exfoliation with a body scrub, or with different types like a loofah or a brush, can help improve the appearance and health of your skin in many ways. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, regular exfoliation removes the top layer of dead skin cells, which leaves your skin looking brighter. It also stimulates your body’s collagen production, which can help your skin become more firm and radiant.

Another perk of regular exfoliation is it improves the efficacy of your other beauty treatments, particularly the topical ones. For instance, if you exfoliate your skin before apply your night cream, the scrub enables the cream to penetrate your skin more deeply instead of just sitting on the surface of the skin.

How Often Should You Use a Body Scrub?

While body scrubs are good for your skin, over-exfoliation of your skin can leave it irritated, sensitive and dry. If you have sensitive or dry skin, exfoliate only once a week. But if you have a skin condition or are unsure of how often you should exfoliate your skin, get in touch with your dermatologist.

It’s easiest to apply a body scrub while you take a bath or shower. Gently massage the scrub into your skin in a circular motion and rinse it off with warm water.

Everything You Need to Make a DIY Body Scrub

Once you have all of these items, you can start mixing your scrubs with the granules of your choice, sugar or salt. You can also add other skin-loving ingredients like green tea or honey.

When making your body scrub, check the consistency. It shouldn’t be runny since you’d be unable to scoop it into your hands. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be too crumbly either.

Body Scrub Recipes

Sea Salt Body Scrub

Salt is famous for its antibacterial properties, which can soothe, if not heal, certain skin conditions. Salt is also a preservative so you won’t have to worry about your scrub going bad.

To make your homemade sea salt body scrub, you need ground sea salt. Coarse salt can be harsh on your skin. Also, if you want to use sea salt, keep in mind that it can be rough for sensitive skin so be gentle with using this scrub type.

Brown Sugar Scrub

If you want a sweeter alternative to your salt scrub, go for the brown sugar scrub. Brown sugar is an accessible and affordable ingredient that exfoliates your skin.

If you have sensitive skin, brown sugar is the kinder alternative to sea salt. Sugar, however, might make your skin feel sticky, so make rinse well after exfoliation.

Safety Reminders

These homemade body scrubs are meant for your body, not for the face since your face is more sensitive compared to the rest of your body. Also, avoid exfoliating your skin if it’s:

Used properly, these DIY body scrubs are affordable options that can cleanse, soften and nourish your skin.

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