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Ed Asner stars as Santa Claus in Saving Christmas #Christmas2017 #AD

Saving Christmas

Saving Christmas starring Ed Asner (ELF) centers around a young boy named Danny who is determined to prove that Santa really does exist. Danny and his friends launch an investigation, thinking to uncover a conspiracy. But it just so happens that Santa is not only very real, he actually lives in Danny’s hometown. While Danny is trying to uncover the truth, his mom is getting to know Santa’s media-director and the sparks are flying.  One of the funny parts is when one of Danny’s friends video’s him saying “Santa is Real” and it’s put on Facebook!

I was happy to find that I was going to received a new Christmas movie the whole family can enjoy. We swap out DVD’s during the holidays so everyone has a chance to watch it at their own home. I was also happy to find that I was being sent a DIY ornament from the movie, which I haven’t put together as of yet. My granddaughter is sick so my weekend with her got pushed back by a week.

Saving Christmas a Lionsgate stars film also stars Patrick Muldoon (TV’s Days of our Lives). Jack Brunault (Newcomer), Brooke Langton (Melrose Place),  Pro Wrestler Tommy Dreamer (WWE Raw), Pro Wrestler Mike Bennett (TNA Impact Wrestling), and Pro Wrestler Maria Kanellis (WWE Smackdown).   Released on November 21st on DVD and Digital HD with an MSRP of $19.98. Written by Tom DeNucci and Kevin DeCristofano, and directed by Tom DeNucci (Arlo: The Burping Pig), this family-friendly feature was awarded the DOVE Family Seal of Approval.

Saving Christmas
In this clever, crazy family adventure starring comedy legend Ed Asner, Danny and his brainy buddies launch an “X-Files”-style investigation to discover the truth about Santa. But they have no clue that St. Nick (Asner) is real—and he’s making toys right in their hometown! As Danny’s flirty mom gets wrapped up with Santa’s social-media director (Patrick Muldoon, Starship Troopers), Danny and his gang of secret sleuths unravel the funny, festive truth that’s out there

My Opinion:  I thought this was similar to the adult movie released in 2014, in fact it’s hard to do any kind of search for this movie without including Ed Asner or 2017 with it.  I do believe that the name should have been something in the lines of Mom, We’re Saving Christmas to separate it from the other one.  Other than that, the movie is sort of funny.  With Christmas being my favorite time of year, it was a nice treat to have a different movie to watch.

This is a good holiday movie the whole family will enjoy. There are plenty of funny moments as well as some magical ones.  Some parts are a little predictable and you do have to stretch your imagination, but the kids will enjoy it. Children and adults will love this movie.  Movie buff may want to add it to their movie library. It’s a great way to get in the holiday mood.  Makes a nice gift for a Movie buff!

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