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Santa Delivers GOTRAX hoverboard! 2017 HOT TOY! #Christmas2017 #AD @ridegotrax

GoTrax Hoverboard

The GOTRAX hoverboard were recently debuted  hoverboards—UL-certified self-balancing scooters allow users to accelerate, stop and steer with a simple shift in body weight—with a focus on science and space-themed branding to encourage a sense of learning and discovery in children.

“GOTRAX™ is more than just fun tech toys,” says Chief Marketing Officer Jason Wakefield. “We want to inspire. And to us, the holiday is more about the spirit that is embodied today by visionaries like Elon Musk and his mission to take us to new worlds.”

Welcome to the GOTRAX™ GALAXY, where every day’s the weekend and robots are our friends. We’re on a mission to create electric rideables that boost imaginations and the possibilities for personal transportation. As of 2017, GOTRAX™ is dispatching electric rideables across the planet, starting with the HOVERFLY two-wheel self-balancing electric scooter aka hoverboard. Our company values start right here in our Denver-based marketing headquarters, where our team works their space boots off to raise the standards of the electric rideables industry.

Learn more and shop hoverboards at GOTRAX.com.

GoTrax Hoverboard


  • ELECTRICAL SAFETY CERTIFIED: Electrical, battery, and charger systems tested & certified to UL 2272 safety standards.
  • THRILLING TOP-RANKING TORQUE: Get a powerful and smooth, self-balancing glide with dual 350W motors.
  • BECOME A MASTER FASTER: Quick and easy hoverboard learning with simple operation and Training Mode.
  • ENJOY LIGHT-YEARS OF FUN: Space travel up to 7.4 mph and for up to 12 miles on a single full charge.
  • STELLAR FIRST-CLASS DESIGN: LED lights, cosmic colors, high-quality space materials built to last.

One day towards the end of Summer, my husband saw our neighbor’s son on a Hoverboard and made the comment to me that they looked like fun and he’d love to try it out.  However it didn’t belong to our neighbor’s son, so he didn’t get the chance.  Fast forward about 2 months and I received a press release about GoTrax’s Columbus day sale, I thought to myself, well it can’t hurt to pitch for one and well, I’m writing about it so the company agreed to send one for my Holiday Gift Guide. A BIG Thank you going out to GoTRAX as I know my husband will be shocked when he finds one under the tree!

GOTRAX Hoverboard

There are a nice variety of colors to choose from, so I gave my husband 3 colors and asked him to choose a color he’d want (I did not tell him what it was for) and he said purple. We received the Planetary Purple and it’s so pretty! I LOVE the color. It’s a deep purple which I know he will like too.  What came in the box was the instruction book, a fidget spinner (hubby will LOVE that) and the charger.

GoTrax Hoverboard

The GOTRAX hoverboard is very well made and has a good bit of weight to them.  Although I did not try it out, I noticed that it’s pretty sturdy too.  I like that because I’m thinking my granddaughter won’t fall off of it if she tries it out.   I am impressed that it is already charged and ready to go. This is going to make Christmas morning a lot of fun!

I read somewhere that the hoverboards hold a pretty good battery life. It’s easy to turn on and off with the power button that you just press to do so.  The charging cord is a pretty good length, so charging shouldn’t be an issue. The lights on the hoverboard change colors which make it even more fun and it’s also a nice safety feature. If you are worried about noise, it’s not loud at all so it won’t disturb you or your neighbors.


  • Max Weight Limit 220 lb (100kg)
  • Min. Weight Limit 44 lb (20 kg)
  • Max Speed Limit ~ 7.4 mph (11 kph)
  • Charging Time Approximately 1.5 Hours

Would I recommend this? Definately!

Would you like a chance to win one? Head on over here….Good Luck!

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I received the product(s) mentioned above, GOTRAX hoverboard ($180 value) free of charge in exchange for a product review. We are not obligated to give a positive review. We received NO financial compensation other than the product for the review. This disclosure is in accordance with Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. If you would like a review done contact Sandra at mediainfo@ModerndayGramma.com

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