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Make Cooking Faster with a Red Copper 5 Minute Chef! #Christmas2017 #AD

5 Minute Chef

I am starting to love gadgets for my kitchen. So I know I sound like a kid when I say, my friends were getting a Red Copper 5 minute chef and I wanted one too! LOL I love products like this. I pitched and was so happy to have received one to include in the gift guide for you!

5 Minute Chef

The 5 Minute Chef is an electric cooker that heats food from the top and bottom, thus preparing meals in half the time. How do you use it? You just put your ingredients in the oval dish and close the lid. This will cook your food on both sides at once, and because it has a nonstick coating, it easily lifts out when it’s done. Another unique feature is that you can flip the entire unit over for dishes that require even cooking on both sides.

My Opinions:
It’s a good cooking gadget if you are only cooking for yourself. You can only cook 1 meal for 1 person at a time. I don’t suggest cooking anything that will create grease like burgers or grilled chicken because there’s no place for the grease to go, it sits inside the well, and it can potentially be dangerous, especially if you forget and flip it, you may have grease all over the counter. I found that it doesn’t have a temperature setting so it is what it is. Note: DO NOT OVERFILL! If your using EXTRA Large Eggs don’t add meat or cheese and ONLY use 2 eggs. To make a nice omelet, use 2 small or medium eggs and add a little cheese & a little sausage or ham cut up very small! Again DO NOT OVERFILL.

I love that it wipes out easily to clean it. It comes with 10 recipes which look delicious. My opinion is that this would make a nice gift for a college student who’s living in a dorm or for the tween child that is home by themselves and you don’t want them to burn the house down by turning on the stove, you just plug this in and they can make eggs or something.

5 Minute Chef

Make homemade meals easy again with the Red Copper 5 Minute Chef. The revolutionary electronic meal maker cooks your meals in just minutes. 5 Minute Chef has two deep wells that cook the top and bottom of your food simultaneously. This copper infused ceramic cookware has a non stick surface so your food just slides out. And the scratch-resistant copper can withstand use. You can cook your meal and cut it in 5 Minute Chef and the surface won’t scratch. Home cooked meals and dump meals are easy with Red Copper 5 Minute Chef! Cook beef and pork juicy while cutting cooking times in half. Perfect for quick desserts, breakfasts, and late-night study snacks in the dorm. Let Red Copper 5 Minute Chef cook for you.

Electric meal maker
Nonstick, scratch-resistant surface
Quick-lock and stay-cool handles
Dual cooking surfaces
Copper infused ceramic cookware
Wipes clean
PFOA and PTFE Free
Measures 13” x 4.5” x 3.75”
1 Red Copper™ 5 Minute Chef (includes spatula and recipe guide)

If you are in the US, you can purchase the Red Copper 5 Minute Chef at bulbhead.com for $39.99.  I have also seen these at Walmart stores and Amazon, you can order today and get it Friday!

Other Red Copper products are also available.

To learn more about Bulbhead, visit them online or connect with them on social media!
Website: https://www.bulbhead.com/ | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BulbHeadIdeas | Twitter: https://twitter.com/BulbHeadIdeas | Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/Bulbhead/ | Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/BulbHeadIdeas/ | Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/BulbHeadIdeas

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