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Quick Temp Instant Read Digital Kitchen Food Thermometer

Quick Temp Instant Read Digital Thermometer

Quick Temp Instant Read Digital, Wireless Cooking Thermometer has a precision stainless steel probe for FAST and ultra accurate temperatures, + – 1°, displayed on a splash proof LCD screen. Includes “Hold” feature for rechecking food temperatures and “Auto Off” to save battery life. Digital LCD screen displays exact temperature of your food or liquid in Celsius or Fahrenheit in just seconds! High quality food grade stainless steel probe is accurate + – 1° and measures -20°C-200°C (-4°F-392°F).

Quick Temp Instant Read Digital Thermometer

Clicking probe shut resets the Celsius or Fahrenheit selection. To retain C or F selection, push the On/Off button before clicking probe completely shut. Get your steaks off the grill exactly on time so each one is cooked to perfection.

This is a fantastic thermometer! We don’t like our meat rare or even medium rare and with thin steaks it’s so easy to tell if the steak is rare or well done, but think steaks, that’s an issue! We cooked a London Broil steak that was about a little over an inch thick and thanks to the Instant Read Digital, Meat, Kitchen Cooking & BBQ, Ultra Accurate Thermometer we could tell when it was done! The steak actually took about an hour to cook! I usually take the meat out about 40 minutes after cooking and well that would have been between medium rare and medium!
Quick Temp Instant Read Digital Thermometer

I love that it is so easy to use. If you’re like my husband and I, not confident about cooking thick steaks, chicken or pork dishes to perfection, you need this thermometer. Provides an accurate read in seconds, no more second guessing.

Quick Temp Instant Read Digital Thermometer

I love that it folds and it won’t turn on if the buttons are accidentally pushed unless it is opened! There is only one small probe. AND it also has an auto shut-off after 10 minutes of no use. The back of the package has the temperatures of different types of meat and the instructions on how to work the thermometer. I advise you to keep this where you can easily check it when cooking.

The unit has 3 function buttons, on/off button in red. a Celsius/Fahrenheit button to change which measure you want the temp in, and a hold button. A decent size view screen on the LCD panel makes it fairly easy to read. Quick Temp measures between -58 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit which is a very large range. The unit only requires only one AAA battery to power it.

If you are interested in purchasing one, it’s available on Amazon.com

Disclaimer: We received the Instant Read Digital Ultra Accurate Thermometer at a discount which may include free, for inspection, testing, and honest reviewing purposes. Each product I review is treated like I paid full price. My review is based on my and/or my family’s personal experience with the item. I am not obligated to give a positive review and was not financially compensated for the review. Thank you for taking the time to read my review!

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