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Prize Candle Review ~ A Surprise In Every Candle + 10% off code!

Prize Candle

I love scented candles, especially around the holidays.   They are also one of my daughter’s favorite things. We both love filling our homes with delightful fragrances. Recently I received a nice Autumn Magic candle from Prize Candle to review. Opinions here are my own. Please burn candles with caution.

About Prize Candle
Prize Candle has 9 different fragrances that will enhance your environment with the added bonus of a prize in every candle! Each Prize Candle is 9oz all natural soy wax candles produced in the USA and our soy is domestically grown. Our vegetable dipped wicks are 100% cotton.

Prize Candles are unsurpassed in quality providing a beautiful opaque texture and clean burn. Feel good about purchasing an ecologically sound, sustainable, and Pesticide-free Prize Candle! Soy candles can be affected by hot & cold temperatures and may show characteristics of sweating, frosting and shrinking. Simply allow your Prize Candle to return to room temperature after opening and enjoy.

I was sent their newest scent Autumn Magic because they sold out of their Pumpkin Spice scent.   It smelled amazing!! Not too strong at all which is a plus because I can’t handle strong smelling candles.  I  love holiday scents :)!

Prize Candles

Each candle has a ring pretty inside.   It took me a week to get mine! The prize or ring is encased in a plastic bag to protect it from the melted wax and is glued to the side of the glass candle holder. Unlike other candles with jewelry inside, in a Prize Candle you’ll find a piece of paper with a code written on it so that you can appraise your ring. I love that feature of Prize Candles and wish the other candle companies with a similar product would do the same. Limited Quantities On their Holiday Scents! Autumn Magic Notes:

  • Top notes contain a dash of Orange
  • with a base of Patchouli
  • Cedar Wood
  • hints of Musk

Here is the ring I got…isn’t it pretty!

Prize Candle

(Don’t do what I did, I tossed the plastic bag and paper away, so I have NO clue how much my beautiful ring is worth! 🙁 )


If you enjoy candles or need gift ideas for the ladies in your life this holiday season, I do recommend giving Prize Candle a try. Each candle is reasonably priced at just $24.99 with the Candle for a Cure candle priced at $26.99. Inside each candle you’ll find a prize ring valued at anywhere from $10 – $5000.  Prize candle was nice and gave us a coupon code FRUGAL10 to share with our readers to receive 10% off all orders through December 20th.

Visit Prize Candle to check out the fragrances available and order your candles today. You can find Prize Candle online at prizecandle.com and also on Facebook and Twitter.

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