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Prepare Your Yard For Summer, with 5 Useful Tips

As warmer weather hits, there is nothing better than being able to lounge in your backyard oasis surrounded by lush trees, friends, and family members. Your outdoor area might not look like a dream right now, but there are a few tips to help you prepare you yard for Summer and create the space that you’ll never want to leave.

Good planning of your outdoor area is essential to enjoyment, entertaining, and making sure that the space has all of your needs and wants in one central location. Below are a few useful tricks to get your yard ready for the upcoming summer months.

Tips to prepare your yard for summer

Add Shade

Look at your backyard. Are there places that have more shade than sun and vs versa? You’ll want to be able to shade those sunny parts for your guests if you hope to have a few parties or gatherings this summer. Nobody wants to be in the hot sun talking if they can help it. Incorporate a few spots throughout your backyard that get the most sun with large umbrella’s so people who don’t want to be in the sun have the option to stay out of it. You can even add a pergola or add an extension of shade to the side of your home to give guests and cool, comfortable view of the backyard.

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Clean Pavers

It’s probably been a few months since your backyard has had a decent trim, weed pick, and cut. I’m not just talking about the lawn but also the pavers you use to walk around your backyard area. You want them to look as good as can be, especially after the harsh winter months. Giving them a great clean is the ticket to making them look brand new again and if you’re unsure of how to do it yourself, call a professional to do the job for you. Georgia Paver Restoration is your one-stop shop to help not only get your pavers looking new but also help repair any cracked or loose ones. This Atlanta paver installation crew is there to assist you in any of your projects, questions, or concerns.

Type of Furniture

Not only do you want your furniture to bring your personality to life but also to help add a comfortable and welcoming feel to your neighbors and guests. Add a few tufted sofa’s, oversized chairs, and plush pillows to make sure your gifts feel right at home in your backyard seating area. You also want your furniture to be weatherproof depending on when you live. Lastly, the type of furniture you want speaks to the backyard vibe you want to give. Are you wanting something chicer for your loft penthouse oasis or cozy hammocks and torches for a more tropical vibe?

Sprinkle In Some Color

If you’re not sure how to bring color into your backyard, an easy way to do this is by adding a few planter boxes with colorful flowers that can help add an elegant look to your backyard. Not only does this help change the look and feel of your space but it also can be changed throughout the seasons such as adding marigolds in the summer to changing them to chrysanthemums in the fall. This way you’re able to enjoy your outdoors not only just for the summer months but also going into the cooler ones as well.

Sparkle Solar Lights

A backyard is great during the day but what about at night time? You’ll want to be able to see your friends and neighbors so be sure to add some lights around the area. You can string them up around the trunk of trees, hang them from the few rafters above or add a few solar lights. Solar lights are a great way to brighten up your backyard and not to mention, they don’t increase your electrical bill so it’s a win-win! Line them up along the walkway area of your pavers so people know how to get to the front and back of your yard or to just view your backyard’s ambiance as well.

Now that you found a few useful tips and tricks to get your backyard ready for summer, what project are you going to start with first? If you’re unsure about spending a lot of money, be sure to check if your neighbors are giving anything away, checking marketplaces in your neighborhood, or just asking around if anyone has something that you might be looking for.

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