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Preggie Pops: All Natural Morning Sickness Drops

My daughter was really sick for the entire first trimester of her first pregnancy. And I mean *really* sick, she couldn’t even drink milk without getting sick and because of it, she lost 9 lbs. She’s 33-35 week now and still can’t stomach milk! LOL  So I pitched Three Lollies to get her some Preggie pops and drops.

Preggie Pops

What are Preggie Pops and drops?
They are naturally flavored and specially formulated lollipops and drops made for pregnant women. For generations, women have sought out certain natural therapies to ease morning sickness. Preggie Pops offer relief via a combination of essential oils, aromatherapy and our unique delivery system.”-Source: Three Lollies

I really got them for her to use while in labor/delivery so she could suck on something if she got dry mouth, but she said NO!  She’d rather ice instead. LOL

My daughter liked the flavor of the drops better however, she never tried the lavender and ginger flavored pops.  The pops did help a little for her nausea she has every now and again. Preggie pops and drops are not like a regular candy and if you aren’t use to all natural, you may have a different opinion on them.  Good thing she changed her diet! LOL

Preggie Pops are available as either “drops” or “pops.” They retail for $3.95-$5.50 per container and are sold online and at a variety of baby boutiques & maternity shops.

Choose between:

  • Herbal (Peppermint, Ginger, Lavendar)
  • Natural Green Apple
  • Sour Fruit (Sour Raspberry, Lemon, Green Apple, Tangerine)
  • Mint (Peppermint, Spearmint), or
  • Variety
  • Organic

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Three Lollies has offered to sponsor our Baby Shower Giveaway Event! They are going to give one lucky reader a container of Preggie Drops and a box of their new Preggie Natural chews ($10.95 value)!

May 30 – June 13th 2014, My Frugal Savings will be hosting a Baby Lovin Baby Shower Giveaway event in honor of my daughter’s Baby Shower May 17th! There will be multiple baby products, including the product above, and prizes split between 3 winners to be sure to bookmark my blog and check back to enter!

baby lovin baby shower giveaway event

Disclaimer: I would like to thank Three Lollies for allowing my daughter to review the Preggie pops and drops ($11 Value). No compensation was exchanged. Neither my daughter or I were required to write a positive review. Our opinions of this product is entirely our own. Read the full disclosure policy.

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