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Santa, Please put a PlasmaCar under the Tree #Christmas2017 #AD


Hey guys, those of you who have been a reader for a while, know my little granddaughter loves to play outside. She’s an outdoor spirit. Always asking to play outside even in the cold and rain! LOL Anyway, my husband and I do everything we can to have outdoor activity. However now that she’s 3, she’s outgrown every toy we had for outside (car, trike bike, water table, baby pool). One day last month, she saw a Plasmacar and said she wants Santa to bring her one. 🙂

These cars appear to be fun for everyone, yep everyone including big kids (holds up to 220 pounds). This means that grampa and gramma will get to have some fun too! 😉 I love that the car doesn’t need batteries or charging. There is some simple assembly required when you first get the car, but after 5 minutes you’re in business and ready to ride. The plasmacar has been voted Best Toy multiple years and is always on a top toy list.

The car moves by you moving the front steering side to side. It takes a little work, but the faster you move the faster you go.

Plasmacar’s are recommended for ages 3 and up and comes in a ton of colors, including some a few Paw Patrol characters! I tried for Skye Paw Patrol, but we were sent the pink/purple car, which are my granddaughter’s favorite colors, so she’ll be fine with it.

I can’t wait for my granddaughter to see that Santa heard her wish and put one under the tree! I know she’s going to want to go right outside and forget about opening the rest of her gifts! LOL


A big thank you goes to PlaSmart for making it possible to have one under our tree.

I have the pleasure of giving 1 reader the chance to win a Plasmacar! Head on over here and enter.

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  1. Next yr I hope to get one for Dylan. Some kids in town have them and I’ve seen how much fun they have

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