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My Interview with Photographer Matthew David Parker

Photographer Matthew David Parker

I was excited for the opportunity to interview photographer Matthew David Parker. I love to take pictures, amateur photographer I guess you’d say. LOL  

Let’s learn more about Matthew and his work:

Photographer Matthew David Parker

Modern Day Gramma: What is your most favorite thing to photograph?

That would be the sky. I love the sky. I love picking out different shapes in the clouds. My favorite time to photograph the sky is when there is bad weather or dark dramatic skies. I also love sunset or sunrise, although I am usually asleep during sunrise. I love a good sunset. I like to photograph the moon also. One of my dreams is to photograph the northern lights. That would be a dream.

Modern Day Gramma: Who inspires you?

My kids. The way they see the world, is the way I want to capture it on film. Magical, playful, and innocent. Although I do like to make things seem dark sometimes.

Modern Day Gramma: What has been your most memorable photo or photo shoot and why?

Well I visited Big Ben national park in Texas one year. I was hiking and I noticed people and rangers on the trail. They asked me if I had seen a little girl. They showed me a picture and I said no. A little ways down the path, I heard a yell. A woman said here she is! In a frantic voice. The woman picked up the child and not knowing if the child was OK or not, my instinct took over and I snapped some pictures. Through the camera I noticed that the girl of about 5 years old was OK. She was crying and that is a great sign that she was good. Anyway the girl had the brightest light green eyes and her eyes caught the sun, so they was even more bright. Her face was dirty and she was crying, but she was OK and that was wonderful.

Modern Day Gramma: Is the photograph process different for color, verses black and white pictures and why would you chose one over the other?

There are things you have to take into consideration when taking pictures in black and white. The light has a big role in how the picture comes out. You have to pay attention to the shadow, but I wouldn’t chose one over the other. Simply because It really depends on the mood I am in. I take more color pictures because I don’t plan out when I am going to take a picture most of the time I just snap away at whatever my eye catches.

Modern Day Gramma: What is the most challenging part of being a photographer for you?

The most challenging, this? Well I think that would simply be forgetting ever thing I need before I just mindlessly go somewhere. Being prepared all the time for anything is the hardest thing. I am a little scatter brained.

Modern Day Gramma: Describe your photographic style and How did you develop your style?

I’m not sure if you have noticed that the only photos I take my time on and really try to capture in a way that I’m trying to translate is the sky. I want people to see what I see. Or the same with any nature. I want the viewer to see it the way I see it. The other way I take pictures is I just spur of the moment snap, if I think its important or i think its something that should be documented.

Modern Day Gramma: Is there anything or anyone that you want to photograph that you haven’t yet?

Absolutely, the world is huge. I will never run out of things to take pictures of. How could Anyone? But, my priority is The northern lights. Its magic, yet its nature. Its beautiful. Its the earth catching sun light. Another thing I would love to photograph is any where in Antarctica. No one on earth owns that land. Its mysterious and there are so many conspiracy theories around that land.

Modern Day Gramma: Who or what got you started in photography?

I always loved to take pictures and look back at pictures. Its capturing time. My moms old landlord had an older son. I think he was about 19 when I was 14 and he did photography. When we moved he gave me a camera. I’ve never stopped taking pictures sense.

Modern Day Gramma: What advice would you give someone just starting a business? what tips would you give to established photographers?

If you truly love what you do and keep doing it, over and over until it hurts emotionally Its worth doing forever because you do truly love it. You may feel like quitting. You may want to quit, but how could you give up something that you loved enough to mentally hurt you? You can’t and you shouldn’t because its your baby.

And to established photographers, If your bored, step out of your comfort zone. Do something you’ve never done before. Go somewhere different. Play a different game. Go to a different concert than what your used to. There is so much out there. Go take pictures of it.

Thanks, Matthew! Readers, you can learn more about Matthew and see his work on his website, Connect with him via Twitter and Facebook

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