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New PeachSkin Sheets Makes A Bed A Luxurious Retreat!

PeachSkin Sheets

Do you love to crawl into bed at night with soft and cozy sheets? Yeah, my husband and I do too! We bought a sheet set from Macy’s around Christmas with 500 thread count and they weren’t so comfy after sleeping on them for a few days 🙁  I just about gave up on my search for a nice comfy set of sheets, when I was given some luxurious 1500 thread count soft PeachSkin sheets in Queen size and in the Mint Julip color to review!

PeachSkin Sheets

PeachSkin Sheets Features:

A 21st Century SMART Fabric, the Latest in High Performance Sleep Technology Textiles

PeachSkin SheetsBody Temperature and Moisture Management Properties…Warm Sleepers Stay Cool, Cool Sleepers Stay Warm

PeachSkin SheetsPerfect for Night Sweats…Athletic Grade Performance Fabric Wicks Away Moisture Rather than Just Absorbing Like Cotton

Are Peachskin Sheets Breathable?

PeachSkin Sheets  50% More Breathable than Most Fabrics Including  Cotton. Advanced  Poly Microfibers Breathe Like Workout Clothes to Keep You Comfortable All  Night

PeachSkin Sheets Reversible Brushed PeachSkin Finish on Both Sides for Extraordinary 1500 Thread Count Softness Caressing Every Inch of Your Body

PeachSkin Sheets 18″ Deep Pockets with Elastic All Around Will Fit Memory Foam,  Custom  Number and  Double Pillow Top Mattresses up to 22″-24″

PeachSkin SheetsAnti-Pill…No Little Balls (Rolly-Pollies) on Your Fitted Sheets

PeachSkin SheetsStrong and Durable … Stands Up To Kids, Pets and Years of Daily Use

Always Ultra Soft Right Out of the Package….No Need to “Break Them In” and Soften with Numerous Washings

Anti-Slip, Non-Sateen Finish Means Softness Without Slipping or Sliding Off Your Bed

Rough Skin and Callouses Will Not Snag and Easily Wear Out Fabric

Comes Out of Dryer with No Wrinkles For a Neatly Made Bed

Hypoallergenic and Great for Allergies, Sensitive Skin, Eczema

Anti-Microbial to Prevent Dust and Pollen from Adhering to Fabric and Aggravating Allergies/Skin Issues

 Colors Will Not Fade, Whites Will Not Gray or Become Dingy from  Laundering

Stain Resistant and Lightweight

Dries Super Fast On Medium Heat In Only 15 Minutes

No Shrinkage Means No Fighting Down The Road with Your Fitted Sheet to Make it Fit

Pet Hair Does Not “Weave” Itself into Fabric, and High Performance Yarns Offer Better Protection Against Claws

 Fiber Never Treated with Pesticides Like Natural, Non-Organic Fabrics

How to get a set of peachskin sheets?

Visit PeachSkin Sheets pick out your favorite color sheets, there are several beautiful colors to choose from, and be on your way to a better, softer sleep; you can even get a FREE swatch of their fabric to feel and check out the color! Be sure to check out their Monthly Specials on Facebook and their website.

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  1. i have heard so many great reviews on these sheets,,putting them on my wish list for the holidays

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