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Pay It Forward Holiday Gift Guide Info

Hello! Christmas is 13 weeks away and bloggers want to help your product stand out! This guide is hosted by a group of 9 bloggers.

Pay It Forward Holiday Gift Guide

Click Here to download the media kit. 

If you want to contact me, you can email me at Sandra@athomemoderngrandma.com

Pay It Forward Holiday Gift Guide
You will get reviews and giveaways on all 9 blogs via linky links plus plenty of social media shares! We also want these giveaways to help people pay it forward. So when you sponsor a giveaway – you are giving away 2 prizes – one for the winner and one for the winner to give to a friend or
family member!

Participating Blog Sites:

Combined reach
Facebook – 70,475 followers
Twitter 248,853 followers
Instagram – 50,109 followers
Pageviews- 225,000 per month

Advertising Options

Option 1 – $150 Review post on 1 blog + 3 social media shares

Option 2 – $250 Small Giveaway on 5 blogs
All participating bloggers will have a product guide on their blog. The product guide option includes a review of your product (review will ‘live’ on one blog site, review items need only be sent to the reviewing Blogger) and the review linked in the product guide. The brand will provide
a review item.

Option 3 – Review Post and Giveaway Event $500 plus prize for a giveaway.
A 10-day giveaway with at least 10 bloggers is included in this option.

Option 4 – Twitter Party – $1800
(Plus prizes to be given out during the Twitter Party)
5 Participating bloggers
5 Product reviews – one on each of those blog sites
1 Inclusion in the product guide

Looking for additional reviews on your product? You can add additional product reviews, done by the other 8 bloggers, for $100 each. The product must be sent to the reviewing bloggers and reviews will be completed during the period covered by the product guide booked. Only the primary review will be linked in the product guide.

Payment can be made via PayPal USD. An invoice will be sent for your total due.

Yes! Sign me up!

Ready to participate? Fill out the this form to get started. Once we receive your information, we will send you an invoice and get you going! The invoice will come from the PayPal account of the blogger you are working with.

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